Hagar Levy: On the Verge of Our Love

photo courtesy: https://twitter.com/hagarlevymusic
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Hagar Levy: On the Verge of Our Love
Hagar Levy album cover

Artist Hagar Levy's first album cover

photo courtesy: https://twitter.com/hagarlevymusic
Hagar Levy: On the Verge of Our Love
Hagar Levy performance

Singer and pianist Hagar Levy playing "Live at the Pluto"

Hagar Levy: On the Verge of Our Love
Highway music video

One of Ms. Levy's music videos ("Highways") from her debut album

Hagar Levy‘s infectious voice will drive you crazy– it’s hard to place, oddly familiar yet fresh, vintage but modern. And people are taking notice.

As an Israeli artist raised in Belgium, Ms. Levy has a variety of influences that have shaped her identity. Music helped her make sense of her surroundings. “I was 17 and had just returned to Israel, and was shocked by reality and didn’t know you could share those feelings with anyone,” Ms. Levy told The Times of Israel. “This internal reality of mine, for the first time, had a connection outside [through music].”

Ms. Levy channels her unique perspective into catchy lyrics and powerful piano playing. Ms. Levy credits fellow genre-bending artists such as Fiona Apple, Tori Amos, and Alicia Keys as her main idols.

“It’s very feminine music,” Ms. Levy told explaining she doesn’t necessarily categorize herself as a niche artist. “I’m not jazzy, but I’m influenced by jazz singing. I’m not a complete pianist. I try to be comfortable with where I am, which is a combination of things that I manage to do and nowadays I know it’s the passion that you bring.”

Ms. Levy earned a media degree at Hebrew University, and began her career working at the advertising firm McCann Erickson. After missing her musicianship, she enrolled in the Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music.

Her self-titled debut album was produced by a friend of Ms. Levy’s, and was released in 2015. The rocky beginning was a mixture of self-doubt and lack of funds, but eventually Ms. Levy found her way. “If you stay long enough in this industry, you understand that there’s a lot of quality people who want to keep listening and you slowly find them,” Ms. Levy said. “It’s a long-term process.”

Ms. Levy’s latest release, the “Live at the Pluto” EP, features three new songs: “Verge of Your Love,” “Dreams,” and “Shore.” The live recorded studio session gives an intimate peek into her raw talent as an artist.

Currently, Ms. Levy is touring throughout Israel, including stops in Tel Aviv and Be’er Sheva, but the artist Hagar Levy is content just staying true to her talent.

“If there’s rhythm and good harmonies, I’m telling a story,” Ms. Levy said.

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