How Retail Shopping Will Never Be The Same

The clothing plan that is required to really shop takes time, effort and examination. We all must never wear shoes that tie, a sports bra, or that cute jumpsuit that leaves you naked when trying on some new jeans. Preparing to go shopping when you really need to find the perfect pair of jeans could mean that you may analyze your attire for ease in trying on those umpteen pairs that eventually lead to the final selection of the jeans of your dreams.

Farfetch, a London based online luxury clothing store that sources the best clothes from top boutiques and makes them available to anyone and everyone has created the next step in shopping- The Store of the Future. Two years in the making, The Store of the Future creates a unique shopping experience that maximizes a shopper’s experience to be minimalistic and efficient.

Courtesy of The Industry London

All Digital Everything

Can you imagine shopping in a retail clothing store without dressing rooms and without the need to try on those new found lovely items? London’s Store of the Future may be for you.  The store features interactive digital mirrors that allow one to “change” into the high end, designer pieces without the effort and physical requirement of changing clothes. A digital mirror with holograms will show you how the clothes look on you, resulting in minimal effort and high efficiency.

There’s an App for That

Courtesy of The Industry London

This Store of the Future focuses on human interaction with the clothes and associates perform the job of a stylist, not an inventory counter. Each store associate will have an app tailored to the clothing and a customer’s style profile in order to collect data and ease a customer’s shopping experience. The customer also has an app with their profile, purchase history, and even libraries the clothes you physically touch while shopping. The app and in store associate will aid each customer into receiving that luxurious shopping trip that is so sought after by essentially giving everyone a personal stylist to keep track of their every clothing interest.

So, we can all basically count on having personal stylists and digital closets…right? Possibly. Shopping will remain online as this is still very convenient for the mass majority and we will have regular retail stores. However, The Store of the Future, and other future shopping concepts alike will take precedence in interest of those living nearby and probably will be fad-like for a moment…but if shopping is being innovated, Farfetch got it right.

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