All He ever wanted was love…

Jesus has risen!
He also had ONLY one request of us, which was to “Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”
All He ever wanted from us was LOVE. Why? Because THAT is what human beings are missing the most! We are indeed the most selfish, destructive and evil creatures! We are so selfish that we do not even care enough to comprehend the amount of love Jesus had for us. We are destructive & evil enough to neglect the fact that we, as humans, CANNOT survive without love!
I was blessed with the opportunity of celebrating the Easter Day inside the Holy Sepulcher. For the first time my eyes were open enough to learn.
The church was packed, which at first made me so happy to see.
I was compacted so badly that if my legs were lifted, the body would’ve still been in the same position. I got punched in my back, stepped upon consistently & hit behind my head so many times by those “followers of Christ” that I am terrified to even think of being “that little sardine” among non-believers.
People were getting crushed, trampled, fainting, cursing at monks, pushing and punching each other RIGHT in this holiest place on Earth. That anarchy, sea of mad bodies, impatient spirits and an unimaginable abyss made me picture the desperation that we could be facing in hell.
I even had a Portuguese Catholic group yell at me, push me and ridicule me for trying to let a Christian monk go in before, so he wouldn’t wait the 5 hour line behind me. They said that “in here we are all equal. I don’t give a f&*^k  if he is a priest or whatever. I paid a lot of money for this trip.” Shocking words!
Another French Catholic man slapped me behind my head for letting a 12 years old Russian boy go ahead, (therefore in front of him too), saying that “he is not Catholic so I’m not going to let him go in before”.
All Jesus wanted of us was love.
While we’re selfishly sleeping hard at night, these monks are praying FOR US ALL, so the least we can give them is that second of time, humanity and respect, which come from love. While you’re whatever denomination, a child is growing into a hateful, bitter & hopeless world, so the least we can do is teach him kindness, which derives from love as well.
My soul was full of such sadness that I couldn’t even realize I was shaking and basically a river of tears was falling down my face. The voices in my head were screaming “Forgive us Lord” and I could feel my face getting so red and my head feeling the biggest pressure. For a second I felt like I wasn’t even on this earth anymore.
As I was leaving the Holy Tomb area, I heard a monk say “Thank you.” I only saw his shoes and a long, black clerical vestment, but his voice will always be remembered… and for me, Jesus was “hiding” under that appreciative monk with black, torn shoes.
All that He ever wanted from us was love!
It’s easy to fall into a ball of negativity or in the devil’s trap, but if ONLY we could allow love to change the trajectory of it, then we can detour from the negative path and united be TRUE Christians!
Happy Easter everyone and as He has risen, I am hoping we can can (aspire to) rise too!
God Bless,


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