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Posh- Adjective;  Elegant or stylishly luxurious.

Pasha creator of this elegant luxurious line of products has definitely lived up to the definition of posh.
Pasha is not only the creator she is the graphic/web designer and the artisan behind the products and formulas.
 I had the privilege of speaking with Pasha and found out that Poshology started as a beauty and fashion blog, which for me explains the sleekness of the packaging.
In its simplicity, it’s sexy (yes packaging is sexy) when you see something on the shelves what catches your eye first? For me, it’s packaging, color, size.  I then do like everyone else open it and smell.
Delivery for Gia O’Neal for Trend Prive Magazine. Before the box was given to me I could SMELL an amazing aroma coming from it, which made me excited. Couldn’t  wait to totally tear into the package and I did.
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First thing I saw was black lids, clear jars that are recyclable by the way which allows you to see the product.

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I then opened Noir/Blanc perfumed exfoliating body scrub … If I knew how to spell out extremely long sniff aka inhale I would but I took the longest inhale I have ever taken in my life, placed product between my fingers the scrub has a nice texture with a pearl-like iridescent color to it. Noir/ Blanc scrub is also paired with perfumed hand and body lotion and Eau de parfum. Other scrubs include Beaches, and Bourgeois these too are accompanied by hand and body lotions, perfume as well. Price point $22.00 and up

 Does your guy ever sneak or outright use your products?
If so just pass him the Bourgeois because it’s UNISEX! If you’re  like me and want it all you can say, babe, I got this for you which really translates into its mine but we will say it yours.
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When creating a line what are you striving for what are you looking to put out there?  Pasha refers to her sensitivity to smell as hyperosmia and took that into consideration while creating this line. Have you ever had a friend with allergies? When one bathes in perfume it can be overkill, she intern created tolerable fragrant products that were cruelty-free, minimalistic packaging (still sleek) affordable and simply luxurious.  We all deserve the finer things in life.
Skincare is also available.
Three is a bentonite and oatmeal clay mask with salicylic acid in it, great for oily, acne-prone skin types.
Rose Clay is a lovely shade of pink organic face mask for all skin types.
Coconut + Rose Water Hydrating Face Toner this? my fav.
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This can be used to set your makeup or just refresh the skin. I literally use it all day.  I apply before makeup and after my makeup is complete. Hold about 12 inches from your face because when this product comes out its full throttle 4oz of hydrating pleasure.

 Thank you to all the ladies who allowed scrub, rub, spritz these amazing products on you. Products reviewed by women 18 – 50 years of age. They all loved it.
100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free!  Fragranced items contain safe synthetics and perfumes, alcohol but also rich in essential and nourishing oils.
Salon owners, Retail stores listen up!  Poshology is available for wholesale. Please see the website address below contact for more information.
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