3 Vegan Restaurants Under The Radar

As we have said before, Vegan restaurants are becoming more and more popular by the second, and people are really starting to notice the boom in vegan restaurants, but we are going to focus on those restaurants that take the subtle hint in their approach.


Delice & Sarrasin located in New York City, NY. photo credit from vegnews


Located in New York, Delice & Sarrasin is one of the most underrated vegan restaurants in the West Village. Owned by a french family, they serve some of the most delicious meat free dishes in NYC. They are 100% vegan and offer an amazing range of authentic French dishes, along with savory crepes (galettes) & vegan sweet crepes, as well as some clever “bait and switch” dishes that would be fun to try like escargot, that they create using oyster mushrooms. Delish! For anyone in the area it might be worth noting that they also cater, so you can bring the genius home.


lunch room
The Lunch Room in Ann Arbor, Michigan

The Lunch Room is a vegan beer pub that serves delicious appetizers along with some good strong local beer. The big draw for this venue is their affinity to create an evening’s fare around international yum. From Japanese to Irish to Mexican and then Indian they have covered a huge number of dishes that you might miss from your pre-vegan pub crawls.


Charlie Was A Sinner in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Charlie Was A Sinner in Philly is one of the most unique vegan bars in the world. Here you can order mouthwatering potato gnocchi and a fig martini at the same time. Brilliant menu, creating gorgeous food from simple but luxe ingredients, this is what vegan food is meant to taste like when you go out for a chi chi night on the town. You will have to go back a few times to make sure you’ve tried everything.

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