The GROWROOM: IKEA’s Stylishly Sustainable Urban Farming Solution


Imagine a way to grow your own food in a way that is not only sustainable and accessible to many people, but beautiful and space-saving, as well. What might it look like?

The Growroom

Space10, a future-living lab and exhibition space located in Copenhagen, Denmark, has recently unveiled their innovative design for the Growroom. The Growroom is a spherical-shaped, vertical garden which will allow people to grow their own food in a local, sustainable way.

Space10 worked with architects Sine Lindholm and Mads-Ulrik Husum to create the design. The intent was to create something that would allow for easy and sustainable methods of food production without taking up a large spatial footprint, thereby making it an ideal design for urban areas. The Growroom incorporates a number of small planter-like boxes orientated in a globular fashion around a hollow space, into which people may enter. The design is space-saving, unique, and interactive, which encourages people to engage with the food they eat every day. In addition, growing food in this manner saves resources, using less water and eliminating costly shipping and transportation.

The Growroom is not only an ergonomic and smart idea, it is economical, as well. It requires few tools to build and can be constructed out of basic plywood sheets. Thanks to Space10, the design is available for download for free here, and the pieces can then be cut to the exact specifications locally – no shipping required. Better yet, assembly requires only a few basic tools, and detailed instructions are available online.

The #Growroom designed by @space10_journal, @madsulrikhusum, and @sinelindholm is an #urbanfarm that a hybrid project that combines #art, #food, and #architecture. The #structure explores the possibility of cities being able to sustain themselves through

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