Music Festival Safety Guidelines

The long awaited Summer Music Festival Circuit is closer than you imagine. However, while you are packing your bags and getting ready to rumble; in the midst of the positivity, fun and great vibes; here are some tips on how to be sassy and safe!


  • Tip #1: “the More the Merrier”  

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Go with a group. There is so much more fun in going with a friend(s) to a massive gathering of thousands of people. It is also a good way to be in safe hands in case anything goes wrong or you are lost. Have a “festival buddy”; That is, someone you can tag along with and go to places together at the festival. 


  • Tip #2: Free has a price!

safety tips for music festivals
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Do NOT take drinks or drugs from strangers. While security guards would be on surveillance, it is not possible to keep everyone safe.  Do not accept “kind gestures” that includes taking drugs from unfamiliar faces, acquaintances or “new friends”- We all know about date rapes and other social vices. Buy your own drinks, watch your drinks and only drink from your own water bottle! Look-out for your friends and their drinks too.


  • Tip #3: Cashless is the new swag

stay safe festival
Shambhala Music Festival British Columbia, Canada

Hide valuable items, carry less cash (or go with your credit cards) and don’t make it easy for thieves to make you prey.  Having a stuffed wallet could easily put you on the radar. Lay your heads on your bags or wallets and valuable items when and if you sleep or keep them furthest from the entrance of your tent if you end up sleeping in one. Also, dividing up your money and cards into different pockets is an old travel trick. If a less than honest somebody sees you take money out of a pocket, that’s the place they will target. Even if you DO get robbed you will still have your other stashes to fall back on!

Importantly, keep all the fancy gadgets (laptops, expensive cameras) at home.


  • Tip #4: Nothing is more dangerous than Ignorance

how to music festival

Know all the important landmarks at the festival. You need to know the entrance; exit; medical booths; water and food booths; security posts etc. Have an exit plan should there be an emergency, and you need to keep things under control. Choose a designated meeting place with your squad and have a working phone.  You should also take an extra battery pack. Have some numbers saved as “In Case of Emergency” (ICE) and memorize at least one number in the group in case you lose your phone.

Did you know that most mobile phones have cheat codes? In case of a medical emergency your phone can save your life if you have a condition or allergies. Install a Medical ID app and use the code ICE beside contacts that medics should call in an emergency. All modern phones will allow #911 to bypass a screen lock. 


  • Tip #5: “Be your own kind of Beautiful”

best music festival tips

Have a tube of sun screen handy with you, apply and re-apply.  Plan your self care in relation to events that you wish to attend. It would be presumptuous to think that you can attend all events at the same time. First, set time apart for your beauty sleep and rest and decide the performances you don’t want to miss and the ones you can afford to nap over.  You may not be able to go with all your beauty care products, so, take small amounts including toiletries. Drink more water, less alcohol.


Now that we’ve got you covered…HAVE LOADS OF FUN!

Guest post by Abisola Alade

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