Spring Break Beauty Tips

Spring Break marks not only a week-long break for college students, but the beginning of warm weather for many! Spring Break, as well as the summer season, can prove to be pretty hard on our skin and hair. This can all be avoided though, by following our simple tips!

It’s A 10 Conditioning Spray

Chlorine and salt water can be super drying to hair, so it’s best to prevent that as much as possible. Using conditioner will help you avoid any bad hair days while enjoying the sand and sun. Use It’s A 10 leave-in conditioner spray on wet hair to help protect those beautiful strands.

Sunscreen is essential! Having a high SPF will be the best way to avoid looking like a lobster all week as well as feeling this way! Having an SPF chapstick is also important to avoid sore, and unpleasant lips.

Water will be your new best friend. Keeping hydrated makes your skin and hair shine. Being in the sun and drinking alcohol can cause quick dehydration. Make sure there is enough water so your skin doesn’t look dull, but most importantly to avoid any serious health consequences.

Yes To Moisturizer

Just because you’re lounging on the beach for a week doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue your skin regime. Using skin moisturizers and cleansing your face every morning and night will save you greatly! The product, Yes To, has a daily facial moisturizer that will perfectly fit into your travel bag and keep your skin healthy and gorgeous too.

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