Kitchen Killers: Food That Are Poisonous to Your Pet

What is at Stake

Vegans are self-proclaimed animal lovers. With a passion for animals, it is without a doubt that it would be heartbreaking to poison your pet. Unfortunately, an abundance of the foods humans eat and love are toxic, and in severe cases deadly to pets. To be safe, if you are unaware whether or not something is pet-friendly, look it up.

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Whilst you may love the idea of sharing your favorite treat with your pet, their bodies may not appreciate it in the same way you do. Animals process foods differently than humans and therefore hazardous interactions can occur between certain foods and animals. The short reason is, animals have a different DNA than humans, this means when chemicals in the food we eat mix with the chemicals in an animal’s body, danger may strike. Certain chemicals are extremely toxic and the tiniest amount of poisonous chemicals is potentially deadly. Luckily, death is a rarity. Typical reactions between the poisonous food and your pet may generally occur within a few hours of ingestion, though some toxicity may not be visible for up to 48 hours. Symptoms of the poisoning will likely be visible in the form of vomiting, diarrhea, exhaustion, muscle tremors, or restlessness.

Below is a basic list of foods that can cause severe illness. As stated before, if you have not researched the safety of a food, it is best to hold off on feeding it to your loved one until safety is assured.


Dangerous foods for common pets:

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Chocolate, Coffee, other sources of caffeine


Coconut (oil too)

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Grapes/ raisins

Macadamia Nuts

Milk and Dairy (avoid excess)


Onions, garlic, chives

Under-cooked meat, eggs, and bones

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Salt- sodium ion poisoning


Yeast Dough


Important Note

To reiterate one last time, this is not a complete list of foods to be wary of. In fact, veterinarians recommend avoiding all human food unless dictated by your veterinarian. Table scraps may seem like a delicious treat, but their effect on your animal’s body are far from sweet.




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