Egloo – Gorgeous Artisan Candle Powered Heater

Not long ago Marco Zagaria acquired a degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. His passion for design and respect for the great beauty of the place where he lives has developed in him the belief of “Good design, to make your life better,” and so his ideas of zero impact took on life with a promise to always improve. The Egloo was created.


While studying in his room and reading at night, his room would get chilly so he created an extremely simple, easy to use and inexpensive way to bring up the temperature – the Egloo. It is conceived for contrasting continuous waste of electricity used for warming domestic rooms, offering, as an option, a candle-powered ceramic dish that Provides a cheaper  and more ecological way to conserve both energy and cash. Taking advantage of features of terracotta that stores heat and releasing it slowly and gradually by radiation, the tiny heater emits a warmth even after it blows out.

Egloo low cost room heater

With its simple and eco-friendly design, the Egloo has found the favor of the media, allowing Zagaria to start production and run the campaign of my Egloo on Indiegogo for a year to measure his product with tastes of people of all targets and from all over the
world. The response has led to the innovation of new designs and beautiful takes on the originals. Now the Egloo team has launched the idea with e-commerce and a new special
line of products:

Behind the project Egloo there is a team that works with passion, focusing on quality, and it strongly believes’s that “ Anyone who dares wins ”. They have designed a beautifully minimal piece in multiple finishes to fit with any decor. Its simple design allows for use in nearly any space and the low cost of tea light candles means that you are heating a room for as little as ten cents.


For another two weeks you can take advantage of Egloo’s Kickstarter campaign prices. Visit the page and share to show some support or even purchase one as a gift.



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