Mint Flavored Dishes

Hello and Good afternoon food lovers everywhere. I am back with more interesting recipes and information to share with you. When individuals  think of mint, they usually think of the mints you can pop into your mouth. Some are not aware that mint is great to cook with, and you can make very diverse dishes that have a little punch.



Raw Mint Chocolate Power Bars
These awesome raw mint chocolate power bars are so smooth, and filled with proteins, they are perfect for Breakfast. photo credit: onegreenplanet.



Grasshopper Cheesecake
Want something a little decedent? Then try this grasshopper cheesecake. The flawless mix of chocolate and mint, put with cashews and coconut, you have an amazing treat. photo credit onegreenplanet. org





Earthy, sweet and tasty chocolate cupcakes with an avocado mint cream is going to be your next go to favorite treat. Perfect to make for kids. photo credit onegreenplanet. org



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