Choose Your Cosmetics Ethical! Slow-Cosmetiques Conquer the World

Once upon a time, there was a world where women were using natural ingredients to cleanse and nourish their faces. They were making their beauty products by themselves, following the old recipes or just improvising. But that was long ago… wait, no. This is actually happening again all over the world and it’s called “slow-cosmetiques”.

A term “Slow-cosmetique” was created by Julien Kaibeck to describe his idea of returning to natural beauty “bio” and “eco” products. It’s also a name of his e-shop where you can buy bio products and all ingredients to make everything from your own cosmetics.
The idea is very simple. Most of us lead a busy life where don’t have time to eat, to read, to sleep not to mention taking care of our skin. The fast-food stuffs us quickly, audiobooks and films feed us with culture and 10 in one miracle 24 hours-lasting and expensive foundation gives a cover for our tired face. And we easily forget that our face cream is full of artificial ingredients like silicone, paraben, plastic or even worse. Would we eat any of these things? No. But we do feed our skins with them.

Luckily there are some of us who opt for an ecological beauty routine. So if you think that it’s difficult or just another useless trend, think twice. Not without a reason, bio cosmetics are among the best selling in France. More and more women actually make their own skin creams, body oils, hair conditioners or even a lube. Slow cosmetics are created with products provided by nature and not by chemistry. That’s why it’s about using essential oils, natural yogurt, coconut oils etc. The ingredients are easy to find online or in your nearest bio products shop. To find the recipes you can either ask your grandma or check out “Mag” at The e-shop gives you tutorials, recipes or tricks to use yogurt in your beauty routine. All you need to do is to slow down a bit and make your own products.

And if you want to try something easy, try a detangling hair conditioner as a start.

Detangling hair conditioner:
You will need:
One spoon of aloe vera gel
One little spoon of jojoba oil
A comb
In a small bowl, you mix the ingredients and divide into portions as you put the conditioner on your hair. At the same time, you comb your hair slowly with your fingers. When you end spreading the product all over, give it some time to nourish your hair and then brush them with a comb. When you finish you can rinse your hair or let them dry naturally.

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