Ontario’s Root Cellar Restaurant – Farm to Fork

In the Old East Village of London, Ontario, the dream of farm to fork is alive and well at The Root Cellar, a vibrant organic restaurant prioritizing locality, sustainability, and cooperative work practices.

Farm to Fork…

The Root Cellar works toward a model of Food Sovereignty. This means that the restaurant seeks to source food in an ecologically and socially acceptable way by giving people healthy, culturally appropriate food produced by sustainable methods. Their farm to fork practices are summed up here by The Root Cellar’s Statement of Intention, which can be found on their Facebook page and website:

“We believe that food is political, that the choices we make about food–what we choose to eat and who we choose to support by doing so–resonate through our community, our economy, and our planet. At the foundation of this project is a commitment to invigorate our community, discovering the plenitude of our local foodshed, supporting sustainable agricultural practices, and working cooperatively.”

Courtesy of The Root Cellar.
Courtesy of The Root Cellar.

The Root Cellar sources much of their food from London, Ontario’s small-scale farms and producers, with a constantly updated list on their website. They buy the majority of their food from On the Move Organics, an organic food delivery system for restaurants and individuals.

Furthermore, The Root Cellar boasts a beautiful and wide-ranging menu. With a multitude of vegan and vegetarian items, it’s sure to please everyone in your party. You can check out their varied and exciting menu and find what suits your fancy.

Photo courtesy of The Root Cellar.
Photo courtesy of The Root Cellar.

…and Plough to Pint

In addition to its food, The Root Cellar is home to London Brewing Co-op, which brags to be English-speaking Canada’s first worker-owned brewery. Similar to The Root Cellar, the brewery sources its hops and malts from the best organic local growers.

Courtesy of London Brewing Co-op.
Courtesy of London Brewing Co-op.

What’s more, LBC is environmentally and socially conscious. Like Root Cellar, they emphasize sustainable brewing and growing methods. Additionally, their marketing attempts to change some of the negative aspects of beer culture, including misogynistic advertising and the caricatured beer-drinker. You can also learn more about LBC at their Facebook page or on their website.

In their restaurant, there are five rotating taps, one of which always includes an organic pint from LBC.

Next time you visit the East Village of London, Ontario, be sure to stop by and try out the phenomenal and ethical food, as well as the beer at The Root Cellar.

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