We are creating modern socialites…

We call it: Privé Society

This is our top tier program available to those who we can truly call our  Privé Society Girls. To be a part of this coveted program, Privé Society Girls must uphold a certain standard for yourself because of our standard to luxury and class.

The Privé Society Girl will be a part of everything Trend Privé Magazine has to offer. You will be a part of coveted luxury events, rub shoulders with some of fashions best individuals and more. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to be dressed by some of the best sustainable fashion has to offer from designer showrooms.


Sustainable fashion exploded out of Fringe and into the mainstream in 2017. Since then the media can’t get enough of it. The sustainable clothing market increased by 19.9% and ethical food & drink was up 16.3% in 2019. Statistically speaking, the thing that matters to your business is how the general public perceives what you’re doing. It’s important to work with people who understand the social and environmental purpose and can make sure that this translates into the voice of your brand.

As a company, you want to make sure that your ideal customers find you and trust you. It’s important to work with people who don’t see sustainability as merely a keyword buzzword, you understand the values and the data behind eco as the new normal. Our job is to translate the current media Lovefest into sales for you and to position your brand as an influential part of the conversation.

Is this you? Do you have what it takes to be a Privé Society Girl?

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