Even if you’re not in the fashion industry or a major fashion maison, your small business could be the perfect candidate for a lookbook. Lookbooks are exactly what they sound like and you might already guess—collections of photographs that draw the eye and showcase products in sumptuous detail. They a great marketing tool and with the advent of digital lookbooks, your audience can do more than look.

Before we get started, we want to address a question that you might already be asking yourselves.

Should I really make a lookbook?

The answer, of course, is yes. Why? Because a lookbook will help gain business and it`s in a broader sense an advertisement.

If if you sell something that people can either experience or touch, lookbooks ARE the what you`d like to do.

Lookbook Categories: 

Apparel and accessories, jewelry, beauty products, baked goods, crafts, pottery ware, tools, furniture, restaurants, hotels, spas,  housekeeping, catering, plays, museum exhibits, festivals, and more.

Our Services Include:

Photography and Retouch

Studio Rental

Model, if needed.

Stylist, if needed.

Make-up Artist, if needed.

Hair Stylist, if needed.

Moodboard, if needed.

Promotion on our website

One advertorial including our graphic work

Advertorial promotion in one of our print and digital issues.

Our lookbook production teams are located in

Paris, Los Angeles, New York, Milan, Tel Aviv, San Francisco.

Our Rates

Please direct your email to our CEO.

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  • the brand`s website
  • your location
  • your budget.



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