Trend Privé Magazine now  offers a range of  public relations services for your brand. From branding to  marketing, we can help you reach goals to  maximize your potential. We understand the importance of  what a strong image can do for a brand that is  just starting or just stuck trying to get to  that next level.
Along with all of  the above mentioned, Trend Prive aims to create a world where fashionable lifestyle and an eco mindset are one and the same.
We are at a point in society where it is not only desirable to  find this, but  necessary. What WE understand is that natural fabrics, a small footprint,  good design and sustainable thinking already ARE the luxury… we just need to show the world that this is so. This is where we can do  this together.

What we offer:

Marketing Development Consulting, Color Development Consulting, Communication Development Consulting, Marketing Strategy, Color Development for products and company, Communication Services, Media Partnership, Media Promotion.


 The contract is yearly and we are only assisting two clients per year. You may use our waiting list to sign up below. Prices upon request.


Mauridi Cosmetics


Please contact our CEO and request to be placed on the Waiting List. Must add “Waiting List” as the email`s title.

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    For information about services and media support, editorial, advertising, endorsements, video episodes, fashion shows and events, please email us.