“Marionette´s Soul” by Pamela Aguayo

Photographer: Pamela Aguayo
WB: pamaguayofoto.com

Stylist: Chiara Donnini

@ c.donnini
assitant: Unai Belderrain
WB: @unaibeldarrain
Assistant: Diego Armín
WB: @diego.armin
Makeup Artist: Vanesa Rivero
WB: @vaneriveromakeup
Fashion Designer: Anel Yaos
WB: @anelyaos
Female Model: Asia Milo @Models Division
WB: @asiamilo
Fashion Designer: Cris Martín Alique
WB: @crismartinalique


Dress and Tshirt Anel Yaos.
Top Anel Yaos, 
Ring Aristocrazy.

Top Anel Yaos, jewelry stylist own.
Top Anel Yaos
Dress and Tshirt Anel Yaos.
Dress Cris Martin Alique
Pants Anel Yaos
Top Cris Martín Alique
Top Cris Martín Alique. Ring Aristocrazy.
Dress Cris Martín Alique.

Dress Cris Martín Alique.
Tshirt Anel Yaos, Belt Burberry.
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