The Importance of Video Marketing For Your Fashion Business

The past year and a half were disastrous for fashion: no fashion weeks, fall in sales, different consumer expectations—all of them left a mark on fashion. However, one thing has the potential to save the industry—video. Both industry giants and small fashion brands are embracing this medium more and more. Why can video marketing be the right move for your fashion business? Let’s find out:  

It boosts sales and website visits

First of all, no matter how many products you have on your website, they need to be seen to be ordered and shipped out. According to research, businesses can expect more than a 100% increase in pages visited when they have video content. Video is more engaging and captivating emotionally, so consumers will want to see more of you, and in turn, order more. That’s a pretty compelling reason. 

Additionally, more than 70% of visitors who watch videos of your products will buy them, so video content converts browsers into customers. If you want to increase your digital sales, this is very important. 

It pushes people to stay on your website longer

People who watch videos of your fashion brand spend considerably more time on your website. This metric is something all eCommerce managers monitor. Why? Well, increased average time spent on your website will rank it better on Google, that’s what every startup owner needs to know. It also provides your customers will more opportunities to explore the pages, discover new products and fill their digital basket. 

It allows better product discovery

The last point instantly brings us to better product discovery. Many consumers use video content to discover new pieces that you sell, especially on their social network newsfeeds. Together with social media, video content can expose people who are not your customers to your brand and your content. Lately, Instagram and Facebook have become leaders in social media shopping thanks to their tons of audience data. Even something simple yet mobile like a slideshow can have an effect. Use a simple program to create a free slideshow with music maker and reach not only your target audience but also a broader consumer feed. And thanks to free apps, you can invest very little money and time into creating your video content, yet reach huge rewards. 

It reduces returns

Imagine a piece of clothing on a  rack, then on a model and then on a regular person like you. Which one of the most helpful? Probably the last one, right? Well, video content allows buyers to see products on many different people and from many different angles, giving them a chance to perfectly visualize what they are buying. The best thing you can do for your brand is creating a video series that shows a range of your products in different sizes presented on a variety of bodies. 

Videos can show products from different angles and show off the texture and how light interacts with the fabric—these are all valuable information for consumers that provide them with an accurate impression of texture, fit and color. This way, when the package arrives, there will be minimal surprises and fewer returns to manage

It provides the missing component to online shopping

According to shoppers, the main thing missing from the online shopping experience is the touch and feel of the material. This is probably the only reason why brick-and-mortar stores still exist. While there’s no way you can feel a piece of clothing through the screen yet, high-quality videos of your products are the closest one can get to feeling the clothes. 

It provides confidence to shoppers

Most shoppers are more confident when shopping after watching video content of the brand. And more confidence means more will to spend money. When they get to see clothing in a live environment, the purchase becomes more real, giving them confidence in the brand. People who are confident that they are getting good products are willing to spend more, stay loyal to the brand and recommend it to others. 

It builds trust

According to surveys, almost 60% of consumers think that companies that offer video content can be trusted. In most cases, trust only sprouts after a successful shopping experience, but videos allow you to build that trust as soon as consumers land on your page. In consumers’ minds, a brand that’s willing to invest in high-quality video marketing can be trusted to provide them with quality products every time. 

Video marketing in fashion doesn’t have a single downside—it’s affordable, accessible, increases your revenue and achieves customer retention—it’s all a fashion business needs to thrive. 


Peter Minkoff

Peter is a lifestyle writer living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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