Hosting a Stylish Bachelorette Party

There are stripper-packed parties on one end of the spectrum, and then you have serene wellness retreats on the other. Both are fine, but you can do better than clichés. In fact, even in the age of the health crisis, it’s more than possible to organize a party that will be both memorable and stylish without wreaking havoc on your bride-to-be’s energy levels or beauty sleep. 

Need some inspiration to get the ball rolling? Here are a few ideas bachelorettes from all over the world love, and you can use them in planning your own event. 

Poolside fun 

California gals know what it means to hit Palm Springs for a day of excitement and fun. If you’re there, then a pool party with plenty of colorful, on-theme refreshments, as well as a few handsome servers will be a great way to kick off the bacheloretting. 

Go off the charts with the decorations, which means that you can pick out plenty of floats (flamingos, watermelon and crowns can do the trick), and you can wear matching swimsuits that are both elegant and comical – it depends on your mood and theme. 

Delicious cocktails, bite-sized canapes ideal for warm weather, and non-stop music will make this a truly amazing event. Not to mention you’ll burn a few extra calories dancing, too, the bride will appreciate it.

Get high-end wheels

In Australia, where beachside events are a common occurrence, most bachelorettes want to go off script a little and get luxurious rides to reach more venues on the same day. You’ll find that high-end limo hire in Brisbane is one of the best ways to ride in style and treat your bride to a spectacular event.

For bigger parties, you can even pick a stretch limo for extra room and glam. This detail will elevate the whole effort to new heights of fancy, so you’ll make the bride feel special from the moment the bachelorette party begins, no matter where you choose to go. 

Off-shore getaways

Want to go all out for your bride and you’re now able to travel freely? Perfect, because you can then charter a yacht in the Bahamas and turn your bachelorette party into an exotic escapade just for your crew. The silky-smooth weather and the turquoise waves alone are more than enough to make every single one of you feel zen. 

Add to that, find a VIP suite overlooking the sunset if you plan to spend more than a day there. The room service, chic restaurants, and exclusive poolside bars are all you need to get the bride ready for her special day. 

Book a pampering sesh

As fun and exciting as these parties can be, keep in mind that the bride wants to make sure she’ll look and feel absolutely stunning for her big day. A party doesn’t have to be wild for it to make your bride happy, so you can even check out wellness trends that might appeal to her preferences.

Consider a spa getaway for you and the girls, one where you get many different massages, spa treatments to purify your skin, and those rejuvenating detox sessions that let you feel like a goddess. Maybe a yoga retreat in Mexico is another good option for active brides that also want to stay in shape while relaxing at the same time. 


Bachelorette parties don’t require traveling too far away from home to have tons of fun and turn this into one of the most sophisticated pre-wedding moments for the bride. If you’re in charge of the organization, these ideas can help you set up an event that will dazzle the bride and all the guests you invite. Make sure you stay in line with what the lady of the hour prefers, and you’ll be all set for an unforgettable experience before she ties the knot!

Peter Minkoff

Peter is a lifestyle writer living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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