4 Important Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience

Are you an entrepreneur? Are you familiar with the idea of customer experience systems? With so many purpose driven businesses popping up, any edge you have is important, and creating a connection with your clients or customers is paramount to your success. If not yet familiar with these communication skills and systems, it is a good idea to take note of some recent research. Studies recently demonstrated that 80% of business executives believed their customers had an excellent experience when engaging with their companies. A survey of customers, however, revealed that only 8%—a 72% discrepancy—actually had that longed-for “excellent experience”. This troubling disconnect is the very reason for the birth of customer experience systems. Broadly, they fall into two categories: OSS (operational support systems) and BSS (business support systems). These two types of tech support platforms are intended to improve the experience of your customers by making certain that their needs and expectations are met. Here are four advancements in technological support meant to improve your company’s impact on your customers.

Orchestrated Networking

This is by far the most promising and most significant development in improving the experience of customers in the digital age. Those businesses that have instituted network orchestration—such as eBay, Travelocity, and Uber—regularly find themselves to be at the top of the heap in terms of profitability and valuation. Indeed, these companies fit in a unique category when it comes to business growth and success. The shift from being a traditional silo-based firm to becoming a fully open, cloud-sourced business was not on anybody’s drawing board prior to the birth of the internet and smartphone technology. Still, traditional companies that want to keep pace with tech-savvy businesses and keep their customers happy are going the network orchestration route. Achieving this degree of network integration, it must be said, implies the use of some wise OSS/BSS builders.

Intent Data and Business Intelligence

You can get a leg up on how to approach your customers and avoid wasting their time through the use of tech tools that reveal the interests and intent of your clients. This material is gathered in several ways:

  • Input from point of sale information. This is incredibly reliable as it gives hard data on prior customer activity.
  • Input from social media. Customers have a tendency to road-test their potential actions.
  • Input from websites, both from your own site and others.
  • Input from off-site surfing. This information can be mined for significant information as well.

When intent data is combined with business intelligence systems, which focus your company’s interests over against the intent of customers, numerous points of the interface are generated. The result is an enhanced ability to present a convenient, precise business face to your customer.

Customer Service

Personalized Marketing

In the digital age, the individual customer recognizes that she or he is just one of the billions of potential customers. Tools are available that enable you to personalize your site and your interaction with an individual, allowing him or her to emerge and engage you as a person. From web pages that permit automatic customization to the client’s needs, to the use of personalized videos and photographs, to refined social media engagements, there are numerous levels of personalization that can be utilized. Another aspect of this frequently used by marketers for repeat customers is called “predictive personalization.” Algorithmic systems exist that allow you to predict where your customers are going with their next purchase based upon their previous visits to your site.

Enhanced Communication Tools

From its inception, the internet has been about communication. The “information superhighway” works because it allows the meaningful sharing of data. The ability of your workers to communicate with one another about client needs and the ability of your customers to interact live and personally with your representatives is a huge boon to your customer experience. You know what it is like to be transferred from one department rep to another on the telephone. New tools make it possible for customer transitions to be seamless, instantaneous, and productive.

These new technologies can each be personalized and incorporated into your business model to give your customers the best possible experience when interacting with your representatives.

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