Top 7 Sustainable Travel Places in the USA for Your Next Adventure

So many of us dream of exploring every last bit of the world. However, if you care about the planet, you also know how important sustainable travel is. So, in case you’re thinking about ditching airplanes and opting for a more local approach, you might be looking for the best places in the United States that you could visit. With that in mind, here are just seven of the many eco-friendly travel destinations that the USA has to offer.

Learn about sustainability in Hawaii

Unless you already live in Hawaii, you will have to reach it by boat or by plane. While getting there might not be so eco-friendly, you’ll be glad to hear that the Natives and residents of Hawaii have been practicing sustainability for ages. In addition to green beach activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and kayaking, visitors can also learn about ancient sustainability practices, find out more about the Hawaiian culture, and go hiking in the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. Furthermore, finding sustainable lodging in the state is also very easy as you can choose from a variety of accommodation options.

Hawaii, photo from Unsplash by Peter Vanosdall

Explore the beauty of Oregon

Taking a trip to the Pacific Northwest is another very sustainable option. If you decide to visit Portland, there are many eco-friendly ways you can explore this green city, from taking a bike to riding on a bus powered by biofuel. You can also get some drinks in the Hopworks Urban Brewery eco-pub. In case you prefer wine, go to Amity Vineyards and try organic and sulfite-free wines. Moreover, Oregon is full of trails and bike routes, providing you with a great opportunity for an active holiday. The Beaver State also has many boutique hotels that focus on sustainability so finding accommodation won’t be a problem.

Go backpacking in Montana

Montana has been a target for natural gas drilling recently, which is why many places have taken the extra effort to make the Big Sky Country sustainable once again. Home to the Glacier and Yellowstone national parks, Montana sees plenty of traffic during the summer and it’s very easy to see how millions of humans that don’t care about eco-friendly practices can affect it. With that in mind, Xanterra Parks & Resorts in Yellowstone has put various environmental initiatives in place, regarding recycling, food sourcing, and asking guests to be responsible. While there are LEED-certified accommodation options like Hotel Terra Jackson Hole available, travelers are encouraged to try backpacking and camping.

Montana sustainable travel places
Montana, photo from Unsplash by Ethan Wiese

Take a sustainable trip to California

Perhaps going to Hollywood was always a dream of yours. Well, while Los Angeles has plenty to offer, the Golden State is so much more than that. For example, you can also go on a sustainable excursion to Joshua Tree National Park from Palm Springs. Then, you can explore Yosemite National Park and go hiking, rock climbing, and cross-country skiing. San Francisco is home to many restaurants that use only food that’s been grown organically and you can easily get around the city by using the well-developed public transportation system. Just remember to bring your essential skincare products along as you will be spending a lot of time outside, enjoying the natural beauties of California.

Try mountain biking in Colorado

If you’re looking for a diverse landscape where you can try plenty of different activities and have a unique holiday, Colorado is the place for you. For instance, you can try rafting on the Colorado River and even make your way to the Grand Canyon. On the other hand, if you’d rather explore the Rocky Mountains, you can choose from hundreds of trails. You can go on foot and explore every last bit of the area or bring along your trusty mountain bike and cover more ground. When it comes to accommodation, you can consider St Julien, Devil’s Thumb Ranch, and Strawberry Park Hot Springs.

Colorado, photo from Unsplash by Rich Martello

Discover a chocolate factory in Washington

Another state in the Pacific Northwest that is a pioneer in the sustainability movement is Washington. If you prefer spending time in nature, you can explore Mount Rainier National Park and go kayaking, rock climbing, and hiking. On the other hand, if you’re looking to stay in the city, Seattle has many great eco-friendly activities prepared from shopping at the local farmers’ markets to going on a tour of the Theo Chocolate factory. As one of the best US cities to live in, the Emerald City has plenty of green boutique hotels, many of which are pet-friendly. Restaurants and bars are also full of sustainably sourced and produced menu items, from food to coffee and beer.

Experience the Alaskan wilderness

Last but most certainly not least, Alaska is a wonderful opportunity for a sustainable holiday. There are more than 100 national and state parks here, so you have a wide array of destinations to choose from if you want to spot some threatened or endangered species. Moreover, you can also see some untouched nature with soaring mountains and colossal glaciers. To help preserve the environment, stay in one of the eco-lodges that are powered by alternative sources. Finally, look for the Adventure Green Alaska (AGA) logo to see which tours, businesses, and lodgings put extra effort into incorporating sustainability measures.

If you care about the planet, you are surely always on the lookout for ways how you can travel in a more sustainable fashion as well as eco-friendly destinations that you could visit. Fortunately, the USA is full of amazing spots that are just waiting for you.

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