INTERVIEW: Nathalie Saad creates pieces that embodies a moment through time

NATA Studio is Based in Beirut Lebanon & Madrid Spain. It is a slow fashion brand that was Founded by Nathalie Saad in 2018. NATA Studio offers Urban chic ready to wear clothing for Women & Men. It defines itself through stories related to social issues and merges the melancholy of a movement with the spirit of artistic bliss.

NATA wants to bring back the value and quality in clothing by producing a limited amount of pieces and using high quality materials. It is more than a product, it is a piece that embodies a moment through time, a story that can be passed on and shared.

Nathalie Saad studied Fashion Design at the Lebanese American University in Beirut. The program was in Collaboration with London College of Fashion and Elie Saab. After Graduating, She pursued multiple internships one being at Elie Saab. Before establishing her Label she traveled to Barcelona to study at IED for a postgraduate program in Product Management.

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How does your label position itself on the international market?

We are a slow fashion brand that sell urban chic clothing for women and men.  We would position ourselves as an emerging brand with affordable yet good quality products that tells a story.

How the label was born and where we can find it exactly?  

The label was born in 2018 in Beirut Lebanon. I always knew I would end up having my own brand, it was my initial goal. After my studies and after working in different fashion brands I decided it was time for me to be bold and create my own fashion brand. My brand is called NATA Studio we are now based between Madrid and Beirut, you can find our product on our online store we ship worldwide, we have an online presence for now but we are planning to open an atelier/store in the future.

What do you think was the biggest challenge for you during the pandemic situation?

The biggest challenge was not knowing when I would be able to work and function normally as all the shops were closed. I had to learn to adapt day by day to the situation and tried to do as much as possible under the circumstances. I didn’t think it would be possible to release a collection with everything that was going on especially in Beirut where the pandemic situation was one of many other problems but despite everything The collection was made and we pushed through. In September we decided to base our brand in Madrid as well as I am half Spanish and half Lebanese and now we operate between these two cities.

How do you want to achieve the long-lasting concept for your label? 

I think that by staying consistent with our values, goals and our approach I will be able to maintain the concept of my brand. I want to keep growing but with the same values and ethics around my label.


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How do you determine what is durable design?

I think that by offering products of good quality we offer a longer life span to the pieces. I like to focus on the fabrics the embroideries, prints and comfort of the piece more than the trend of the moment or any technical factors to create this timeless design. 

What happens to those pieces that didn’t get sold? 

I try to create a limited stock of products and work on pre orders once the stock has been sold, so I minimise the waste of fabrics, production and so on. But in case there are some unsold products we create a last chance to buy moment with discount. As we have been a brand for now 3 years we. Are still figuring out the best solutions for everything, we have a few ideas on what to do with unsold products such as maybe up cycling and merging them into new products and other ideas to minimise a build up of product.

How far do you go in terms of sustainability?

I feel like I still have a lot to do and change but as a start we recycle all the fabrics used in the atelier so there is no excess of fabrics, we use them in packagings, toile as well in some final pieces. I try to adapt my production cycle in a way that I do not overproduce, I work with  local seamstress in Beirut as well as Madrid and we try to include it in all our processes such as smart pattern cutting as well as a specific production system.


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Where could you serve as a role model for others?

I don’t know if I could serve as a role model but I definitely think we can all learn from each other and maybe I end up inspiring another brand to have a more sustainable approach to production or in the up-cycling and recycling of fabrics and products and maybe inspire someone into adopting slow fashion.

How art industry nowadays can help more the creatives?

I think that all creative industries can help and inspire each other especially the art and design industry. It can help its creatives by facilitating the collaborations, by making the showcasing platforms more accessible and by creating opportunities to inspire in the right way.

Can you tell us a little bit about your references for the last collection?

Our last collection is called “R O O T S” it reflects on the detachment we created throughout the years with ourselves and nature. We got used to the speed and the chaos and forgot the simple pleasure of life and how to enjoy it without the daily stress and anxiety. This collection tries to offer a feeling of serenity, beauty and playfulness through the shapes and color tone used. There is a lot of earthy and nature references with the use of brown, green, white and floral prints. We got our inspiration as well from the 70s fashion (shapes and structures) and from art such as Monet, Gustav Klimt (floral prints combinations and colour schemes) as well as arabic tile designs for our patchwork designs.


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Which was the best-selling garment from your collections?

Our dresses and T-shirts are always a success in each collection.

What your label needs right now as a fashion* brand in order to achieve the next goals?

I think that the next step for us is to work on our communication and marketing strategy so that it reflects the value and quality of our products. We are also really interested in collaborations and are open to future projects with other creatives.


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