The Journey to Conquering Fear with Christine Esovoloff

Christine Esovoloff is the sassy mind behind The Ginger Journal blog and co-author of the new book Fear Less: Transforming Fear Into Courage within Relationships, Career, Society, and SelfReleasing on March 8th, 2021, the collaborative project is written by fourteen women with the intent to spread a positive message about fear. To remind people that they are not alone. Esovoloff created the concept and wrote the prologue, section intros, and a chapter in the book to share her story and her insights on fear. If you are someone who is living with anxiety, these stories can help you overcome fears that you may face in relationships. From childhood trauma, insecurities, rejection, growth, success, change, social and cultural norms, expectations, and prejudice.

As this is such a timely subject, we decided to connect with the creator of Fear Less to discuss her growth as a writer, how the book evolved, and what the authors hope to see come from the project.


Zayna:  Let’s start at the beginning. You have a background as a journalist and writer. What has your experience been like as a blogger?

Christine:  I absolutely love blogging; it allows me to share with readers in a relaxed way. My blog I consider to be a lifestyle and personal development blog, I love sharing insights and tips with people to help them achieve the life they want as well as share the lessons and bumps that I experience along the way. When we share our struggles and hurdles, I think it gives permission for others to be imperfect too. I love to learn, to grow, and to laugh at myself along the way.


Zayna:  This is an interesting concept for a book. What’s your story behind fear?

Christine:  I have several stories behind fear haha! From not going after the career that I wanted to not speaking up during moments of conflict. Fear has impacted almost every area of my life.

I think the most surprising thing I realized throughout this writing process, is how much fear I held in my relationships. I have always been a ‘people person’ and have always done really well in relationships. So it came as quite a surprise to recognize that I carried a huge fear of abandonment. Essentially, I never let anyone in. I always presented as warm and open. However deep down I was closed off, with one foot out the door, prepping for the other person to leave me. Facing that fear was challenging but has been really rewarding. Now, that fear might still pop up from time to time, but I push myself to be vulnerable and open anyway, and my relationships are so much richer for it.

Christine Esovoloff Discusses Living With Fear In Her New Book

Zayna:  What inspired you to collaborate on this project?

Christine:  I came up with the concept for Fear Less two years ago. I had spent much of my 30’s exploring and tackling the various ways that fear had held me back in life. Through that self-exploration, I realized that everyone struggles with fear at some point in their life. Whether it is fear of failure, success, abandonment, or rejection, fear touches us all. I wanted to write a book that would inspire people to lean into their fear. To face it, and go after the life that they want and deserve.

We chose to write this book as a collaboration as we wanted to incorporate [each person’s] different opinions and approaches to overcoming fear. This book was co-authored by women from different ages, areas, and life experiences. It offers multiple perspectives and will hopefully provide inspiration to anyone who picks it up.

Zayna:  Who is this book written for?

Christine:  Literally anyone and everyone! I believe that everyone struggles with fear and this book covers almost everything from age, relationships, career, health, and family. There is something in here for everyone. This is an anthology. We have amazing authors from all different ages, backgrounds, and experiences so I think this book will be relatable and inspiring to almost anyone.

Zayna:  What advice can you give those who are living in fear?

Christine:  I guess my first piece of advice is to acknowledge it. Sometimes, just saying “Holy crap, this is terrifying!’ can help to shift things. Secondly, being fearful is completely normal, it is biology. So, know that what you are feeling is natural and there is nothing wrong with it. The problem is when we start letting fear run our lives and hold us back from going after the life we deserve. Recognizing that our fear is normal and valid but then making the choice to push through it anyways is key. One of my quotes from the book is, “Whether you follow your dreams or sit on the sidelines, you will feel afraid at times. The trick is to let yourself feel afraid and do it anyway. Allow the fear to crack you open, not break you down.”

Zayna:  How has being fearless changed your life?

Christine:  Well, I am certainly not fearless. I still struggle with fear but pushing through it has been a game changer. From deeper, more rewarding relationships, to pursuing opportunities like writing this book. Tackling and facing my fears has allowed me to go after some lifelong dreams.


You can find more musings from Christine on her blog at . If you’d like you can follow her through her Instagram – @the_ginger_journal as well. To purchase a copy of her book visit Indigo, Barnes & Noble etc, order from Amazon or if you’d like to pre-order your copy you can do so from the publisher’s website here.


Zayna Sall


Zayna is an aspiring journalist and wellness advocate. She has been published in multiple magazines and respects the TPM approach to a more well rounded sense of Self. She is passionate about whole food nutrition, health, fitness and self care and is studying to be a holistic wellness coach.

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