5 Fashion Trends Not To Miss Out in 2021

2020 has been a difficult time for many, and most industries have taken a knock. As the year comes to a close, we move towards a fresh start, dust ourselves off and look toward new trends that are making a mark. 

Worldwide fashionistas embrace the spirit of the saying “the show must go on” and look forward to making a fashion statement in 2021 with these five trends.


It should come as no surprise that the biggest accessory trend of 2021 is a brightly colored or patterned mask. Even if you do own a few basic designs, you could consider investing in high-quality breathable fabrics as well as ones that you find attractive. Remember that when you have something against your face that you are breathing through, it means you are breathing in particulates from the textile or material itself. Also be aware of how you care for your mask and where you keep it when not in use.

It’ll be a lot easier to commit to wearing a mask if you have attractive and fashionably pleasing designs. Be wary of masks made from synthetics or made from treated fabrics. They may be pretty but you are putting the bits of stuff from those materials into your lungs. Try masks made from natural fibers like organic silk, hemp or cotton. Silk and hemp have the added benefit of being anti-microbial as well as friendly to your face. 

Neutral Tones

Fashion and interior design are often on the same page. This year you may notice that all of the home trends are clearly designed for comfort and emotional wellness. Not only are we at home more, but we want to cocoon like never before, making our sanctuaries cozy, warm and easy on the eyes. The same is true for our wardrobe. Clean lines and single, muted colors taken from nature are in for 2021. After the rollercoaster of emotions in the past year, we could use a little simplicity in our lives.

We are looking more and more at creating capsule wardrobes for ourselves both for our sanity and our Marie Kondo-esque fondness for simplicity. Finding timeless designs that can be work in multiple ways and in styles that suit us comfortably is key. An online supplier such as Nihal Fashions is a great solution for monochromatic clothing as mainstream stores usually don’t have a big range.  Look for plain jackets and suits with crisp neutral lines to create a seemingly plain outfit that creates a big impact for those of us who are aiming for comfort while maintaining a professional look for our Zoom meetings. 

Recycled or Faux Leather

If you thought the 80s were gone, think again. It seems that certain fashion trends from decades ago keep swinging back like a boomerang. Faux leather is one such item that has made a comeback in 2021. However, beware of “vegan leather” that is all over the place at the moment. While technically animal friendly, it’s definitely NOT planet friendly, which is not good for us OR the animals. TRUE faux (and vegan) leathers are made from plant based materials like apple, pineapple or mushroom, and are still a bit tricky to find, however worth the hunt. The texture and tactile quality of these vegetal leathers is stunning and extremely high end looking, earning its price tag.

If you are not finding what you want in the plant based leather department, we are advocates to purchase vintage or upcycled leather products. You will find that these are the longest wearing, most durable products and longevity is sustainable. Faux leather made of PVC will begin to peel after months of use, looks cheap and will be ready for the bin almost immediately. 


A new idea that appeared a couple of years ago is also coming around again. When you’re looking for some outdoor wear, then a shacket is the way to go. It’s slightly heavier than your usual jacket but not quite as chunky as a full-on coat. 

It originated from the classic flannel shirt but is sewn using thicker material. You can wear it open with a belt or layer it to your hearts’ content. A must-have item for 2021 that can be glammed up or worn in a casual setting.

Retro Pants

The essential clothing item for 2021 (and really any year, no?) is a pair of versatile pants. With the trend of online meetings increasing, you require more than a slick looking top. A necessity is an easy-to-wear pair of slacks that allow for a wide range of motion and comfort. 

Oversized trousers are the perfect solution for a home based office look. Find a pair that’s casual enough for sitting at a desk but can also be worn when going out and about doing your daily activities. It picks up on some of the 80s fashion revivals, allowing for maximum movement. Interesting accessories and embellishments give it just the right amount of fashion interest.

Final Thoughts

After a turbulent year, fashion houses have come back strong with various trends we can embrace in 2021. Retro ideas such as oversized pants have returned, bringing back nostalgic memories of the 80s. 

Masks are a much-needed accessory and are available in exciting patterns and prints to make them more appealing. The trends are also leaning towards neutral colors and clean-cut lines. It makes it a little simpler to put together a power fashion statement, and to finish off your look, drape a flannel print shacket over your shoulders. 

Peter Minkoff

Peter is a lifestyle writer living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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