Step Up Your Skincare Game This Summer

It can be easy to feel bored with your skincare routine. With your standard system, you may find that your complexion just doesn’t have that same glow and effect that it once did. Our skincare needs can change with age, stress level, the seasons or changes to our environment, so it is important to take time to assess and update our routines when we feel it needs a refresh. Consider these five areas where you can up your glam game and reflect a more healthy, vibrant look.

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The trend for the last few years is to blend natural approaches to skincare with cutting edge science and there is a long list of products that work on specifics. This isn’t necessarily a sales gimmick. Trying to find a “one size fits all” approach to skincare doesn’t usually work.

Actually our bodies tend to build up an immunity to an overused product, so sometimes even those that have worked for us for ages, just stop being amazing. Don’t worry, often if you switch to something else for awhile, you can go back to your favourite products and routines as long as the change is because of this! Many people find their two favourite product lines and alternate when purchasing.

There is a LOT of hype and health/youth-washing that goes on in the beauty industry. Be really aware that nearly everyone is trying to sell you a product. However it pays to do your research and find reliable sources to learn from. Our favourite is Green Beauty Directory. Neige is amazing and extremely well informed about what she posts. Find somebody who has gone through a similar journey and see how they addressed their issues. 

Reduce Marks and Blemishes

Blemishes that appear in a clear complexion can distract from your overall look. They may be one of the first things you want to get rid of and even though we all have them, we often focus our own personal voice of judgement on them. Whether it is due to aging, acne triggered marks, issues with your complexion, you may find yourself feeling a bit insecure about your look.

While you may simply be in a position where you need to find a way to embrace living with these marks, you might be surprised at what is “fixable”. Often you can reduce their impact with certain products and/or a simple change in routine. Consider looking into products that naturally heal imperfections or do a bit more research into what is out there specifically for your skin type and lifestyle! Look for product sites that list online feedback like polyphenol dark spot diminisher reviews. When you reduce imperfections on your complexion, you can refresh your look and make you feel more confident.

Reevaluate Your Routine

Many of us have a designated skincare routine. Regardless of whether this is simply the force of habit or if it is an arranged schedule, we may be doing this wrong. Especially if our routine came from our favourite Instagram Influencer who has skin that is nothing like ours!

Consider re-evaluating your regimen to reflect healthier and more conducive habits for your current needs. While many people throw together their skincare routine in a random order based upon what products are around, the steps in your process are key to maintain your lovely glow. The order of your regimen actually matters just as much as the products that you use. Make sure that your process reflects the proper order or skincare products to reap their full benefit.

Remember that many product lines are formulated to work together. Look into how individualized each product is. You may be wise to stick within one line, but that is not always the case. Just something to keep in mind if you LOVE the facewash and are looking for a toner for example.

Use the Correct Products Just Enough

Your products need to be curated to reflect your skin type and concerns. If you have oily skin, you don’t want to overload it with a moisturizing product for dry skin, as this can wreak havoc. Major mistakes that are commonly made are using body and hand lotion on your face and using products at an incorrect frequency. Lotion for your hands and body is not intended for the  complexion on your face and can cause unnecessary buildup.

The frequency of use is another area where people can get a lot wrong. Whether you are moisturizing too little or exfoliating too much, these can leave your skin dehydrated and tired. Make sure when you decide on the products that you will use for your regimen, that you do so with an understanding of their regularity.

Mask It

Masks have gained notoriety for their healing and restorative properties, but this is something that many of us could use more of. There are masks for many different areas of skin beyond your face, including your feet, hand and scalp. Consider integrating some of these nourishing agents by introducing a mask to rehydrate and restore.


Sustainable Skincare routine natural masks

Change Your Behavior

A great way to revamp your skincare is to change your behavior. Everything from regularly touching your face, to removing your makeup at night, to your sleep quantity and quality can impact your skin. By changing your behavior, you can give your skin a whole new look on life. One of the biggest mistakes people make that they can easily change is their sun exposure and protection. Make sure that you always prepare yourself with proper sun protection to give your skin the best chance at achieving the beautiful glow while lowering the risk of damage.

Your skincare routine is often thought of solely the washing, moisturizing and sometimes the makeup that you apply; however, it goes so far beyond that. Consider how you can create a truly luscious look that offers you glam and glow by integrating these strategies to step up your complexion game.

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