Strengthen Your Hair With Biotin

Do you experience excessive hair loss and want to grow your hair more quickly? Natural Beauty is a popular haircare brand that recently introduced these new biotin drops to promote healthy and luxurious hair. Their Natural Growth product line includes a variety of products including biotin drops, natural growth butter, and natural growth oil with emu oil, which is known to increase fullness, add shine, and prevent hair loss. In 2013, Natural Beauty was founded by CEO Monique Allen. Her hair brand was purchased from a wide range of influencers including Ambre Renee, Jayla Koriyan, and many more. This company is known for selling high-quality hair products that cover a range of different textures and lengths. If you have loose or tighter curls, these products can still work to grow your hair and enhance your curls. 

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Why Biotin?

Biotin has healthy benefits that are great for growing your hair, nails, and skin when consumed daily. Biotin can strengthen your hair follicles and as a result, enhance your curls. If embracing your natural curls is on your personal beauty wish list, maybe give it a think.

The Biotin Drops are available for $19.99 on and they provide maximum absorption. This supplement is easy to consume because of the liquid consistency compared to biotin pills or biotin gummies. If you currently experience hair loss, brittle hair, or breakage, consider using this product to stimulate faster, stronger hair growth. It is recommended to take a few drops once a day orally or with water or juice. They also contain a delicious natural vanilla flavor that provide 5,000MCG of biotin.

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Curl Care

Curly hair tends toward dryness and breakage so it is often difficult to maintain any length. By providing both a stronger hair shaft during growth, as well as maintaining the humectency with proper maintenance, it is very possible to attain gorgeous long curls.  It is also important to wear protective styles such as braids or wigs when you have less time on your hands to devote to haircare, to prevent breakage and retain length. Protective styles reduce manipulation and they are beneficial in many ways, not the least of which  can be saving you time in the morning!


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The Hair Growth Kit is available for $49.99 and it includes the natural hair growth oil, natural hair growth butter, biotin drops, and soothing anti-itch braid spray.  This kit can be used to moisturize and hydrate your hair throughout the week by using the L.O.C (liquid, oil, creme) method. If you recently big chopped or started your natural hair journey, this kit will help you grow your hair and keep it strong!

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