Lovechild 1979 Autumn/Winter Copenhagen Fashion Week

Not many labels have the innate verve needed to bring the fun of the 70’s party scene into a tailored, wearable collection. Copenhagen based Lovechild 1979 is a label for modern women looking for timeless, luxurious fashion with the details that say “I know where I stand… and it’s over here where the great vibes are”.

Texture and shape are the name of this game and pulling on the sumptuous tactile quality of stunning green velvet to use as a neutral is exactly why this collection speaks volumes. Not bothering with frippery and instead focusing on visible quality, Lovechild 1979 has created a balanced collection of neutrals with a few punches of colour for spice, that are far from boring or monotonous, but also able to transition easily to work with other pieces for a more practical wardrobe staple. In a day where capsule collections and neutral basics are the norm, they have offered an updated version of this idea of consistency.

From fabulous and flirty oversized bows making a statement, to clean cut tailored lines pulled from the office wear of yesteryear, their AW20 collection for the Autumn/Winter Copenhagen Fashion Week epitomises what makes this brand a go-to for the strong social woman who is comfortable with her presence. Models with an almost scholarly appeal showed options that were immediately the new now.

Creative director Anne-Dorthe Larsen works with her all-women design team creating modern clothes authentic to their own tastes, pieces that transcend seasons and promising wearability for seasons to come.  The Lovechild 1979 aesthetic is profoundly young and feminine with effortless and often colourful prints,  yet grounded by masculine, tailored silhouettes, and beautiful detailing which will appeal to a mature client. The range of elements allow for a broad versatility while the flow is undeniably cohesive and sophisticated.

Andrea Bell

Managing Director

Having over twenty years in the fashion and PR industries, Andrea has covered positions as an author, editor, stylist, art director, consultant, marketing director, social media director and in various media stations in publishing. Green longer than she can remember. Updo in the clouds and feet firmly planted in a fabulously structured garden.

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