Common Objective partners with Sustainable Fashion Academy 2020

As the next generation of fashion industry leaders, students and graduates hold the keys to a sustainable fashion industry, Common Objective’s goal is to make it easy for students everywhere to access and take advantage of CO resources, intelligence, and training, and to help course leaders to integrate sustainability into their fashion programs. They also partner with fashion colleges such as most recently, the Sustainable Fashion Academy.

Common Objective (CO) is proud to be teaming up with the Sustainable Fashion Academy (SFA) to bring its leading online course, The Sustainability Fundamentals, to more fashion professionals in 2020.

The Sustainable Fashion Academy has over 25 years of experience working with education and social and environmental performance in the business and non-profit sectors. Its Sustainability Fundamentals course is created by experts who have been leaders of change in the fashion industry and it has already been successfully delivered to tens of thousands of fashion professionals from leading brands and retailers.

By joining forces with SFA, Common Objective is able to offer this course to fashion professionals globally. CO will also be supporting all participants through a dedicated Slack channel where participants can interact and learn from each other throughout the duration of the course.

CO is dedicated to supporting fashion people to do business better. CO’s belief that business, done well, can have a transformative impact for good. They see collaboration as fundamental to good business and are committed to working in partnership with other like-minded organizations to achieve the shared goal of making the fashion industry better. For CO that means having the courage to stand up for the things that really matter – and pursuing their vision for a better future, even when the going gets tough. They’ve dedicated their time, energy, and creativity on developing practical, workable solutions to challenges – no matter the size.

Integrity is fundamental

Fashion is one of the world’s most polluting industries, and millions of garment workers face risk and live in poverty. Yet, when fashion business is done well, it can be transformative for the people behind the product, and for their environment. The CO platform turns doing business better into an opportunity, rather than a cost. CO supports and rewards members for better practices. CO wants to make it easy for businesses everywhere to operate in 3D.

CO will help various key role players in the fashion industry such as suppliers manufacturers find and connect with the right customers. They help brands & retailers to build sustainable supply chains. Utilize CO to find suppliers and products that meet their needs when you need them. For designers and SME brands, CO will help you to get your products right, present them to buyers, and grow your sales base. For established brands and retailers, CO will support your sourcing, design, technical and CSR teams with tailored information to their inboxes, responding to their needs. If you are an organization, certifier, or industry body and you are offering services that could add value to CO, they’re interested in working with you. CO believes that they will increase their joint impact towards the Common Objective of building a better fashion industry, through building win-win partnerships. Consultants professionals entrepreneurs and followers of fashion use CO to develop expertise, stay on top of latest innovation, and get the inside story on how industry leaders are succeeding in fashion in 3D (3 dimensions – people, planet, profit).

CO is free to join and open to individual and business members from all over the world. CO matches you with information and connections tailored to your needs, so you don’t have to search. And the site helps you to work in the most sustainable way, rewarding you for doing so.

The work of the Ethical Fashion Forum over a decade has identified two big things that are preventing sustainability moving from niche to norm in the fashion industry. Firstly, fashion people lack practical information and guidance to help them to operate in a more sustainable way. The issues are complex, and awareness of what the problems are, and how to address them, remains low. Secondly, working in a sustainable way is seen as being costly and difficult, as opposed to being seen as an opportunity. Fashion people are often up against tight deadlines, they are short on time, and often commercial targets seem to be in conflict with operating in a more sustainable way.

“When a fashion business is done well, it’s good for everyone. “

CO will further sustainability in the fashion industry by offering assistance to fashion professionals everywhere that it will become a fundamental tool, essential to operating a fashion business efficiently. In order to impact sustainability in the industry as a whole, CO foresees working with all businesses CO matches users with practical information and guidance to inspire and support them to work in a more sustainable way. The CO platform rewards more sustainable practices with higher search rankings. This creates a commercial incentive for suppliers to integrate best practices and empowers buyers to make informed decisions. CO’s ambition is to level the playing field, turning sustainability into an opportunity, rather than a cost.

At CO, they believe that fashion can be done better. When a fashion business is done well, it’s good for everyone. It creates jobs, prosperity, and great products that don’t damage the environment. We all win.

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