The Beginner’s Guide to Wearing Wigs

Some of the world’s hottest fashion icons are dedicated wig-wearers. Their polished and coiffed locks appear so versatile because it isn’t their hair.

While wigs have faced a lot of stigma in the past, fashion-forward influencers and celebrities swear by these fun and fabulous accessories. Here’s everything you need to know about wearing wigs as a beginner.

Types of Wigs

Not all wigs are built the same, nor do they have the same applications. Here are a few of the common wig types and how to choose which one is right for you.

Lace Front vs. Full Lace

Lace front wigs are one of the most commonly chosen wig styles due to their accessibility, ease-of-use, and versatility. A lace-front wig is created with a mesh scalp cover that has hairs individually tied to it at the front. This allows you to part and style your hair in a few different ways without looking fake. According to EvaWigs, with lace front wigs, you can even sweep your hair back away from your face while keeping a natural-looking hairline.

The difference between the lace front and full lace wigs is that lace front wigs are only individually tied at the front. The rest of the hair is stitched. In other words, the full lace creates more opportunities for changing up the style. However, the full lace wigs often require more care and come at a higher price point.

Ready-Made Wigs

Ready-made wigs are a one-size-fits-all hairpiece that offers very little flexibility. What you see is what you get; the style, the color, everything. These are often a budget-friendly option, and great for if you want something simple and effortless.

Synthetic vs. Natural Hair

Another consideration when wearing a wig is whether you want synthetic hair or human hair. There are pros and cons to each type, and what you choose will greatly depend on your intended purpose and budget.

Synthetic wigs tend to be more affordable, but don’t have the same lasting quality as human hair wigs. However, synthetic wigs don’t require the same care and upkeep as a human hair wig. These wigs tend to hold styles better, but can’t be seriously altered.

A human hair wig is more durable and versatile but requires the same maintenance and upkeep as the hair on your head. A human hair wig tends to look more natural, but it can also set you back thousands of dollars. As it is human hair, it will react to the elements, such as color fading in the sun and the effects of humidity.

Wig Care

Caring for your wig is essential if you want to get the best return on investment. Regardless of the type of wig you purchase, it should always be stored on a mannequin between uses. If your wig is sewn to your hair, you’ll need to wrap it in a silk scarf to sleep at night.

You’ll need to wash your wig regularly with shampoo that’s free of additives and irritants. However, as the wig doesn’t have the same natural oil output as real hair, you want to limit yourself to washing it only once every few weeks.

Avoid using heavy oils and creams, and never use heat on a synthetic wig unless the manufacturer has labeled it as a heat-styling wig. Remember that every time you heat your wig, you’re damaging it.

Under Wig Hair Care

While wearing wigs is a fun way to shake things up without damaging your natural hair, you still need to prioritize hair care under the wig. 

Wash your real hair regularly to remove the buildup of sweat and product that accumulates under a wig. Before applying your wig, use a deep conditioner on your locks to keep them nourished. It’s also essential to nourish your scalp and use a cleanser on your skin to prevent outbreaks along the hairline.

The Kardashians, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, and Whitney Houston are just a few of the superstars who are known for wearing wigs. Choose one that suits your style and showcase your inner diva.

Peter Minkoff

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