The new 2020 swimwear collection made from recycled bottles.

Nani is the Hawaiian word for “beautiful”, and Nani provides swimwear that empowers women to live a Nani (beautiful) life by seeking adventure, being kind, and striving to give back. New for 2020, the swimwear brand takes the word Nani to a level of natural beauty as it launches The Parks Collection- a swimwear collection made from recycled bottles.

Inspired by the national parks in the co-founders’ home state of Utah, the swimwear in this collection is made from an eco-friendly polyester that consists of recycled plastic bottles.


We had our content creators starting with Iza Melo review this brand and she loved her suit as you can see. Remember, summer is neverending on this continent, so if you are making plans to travel for resort season, help the planet all while still looking chic.

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