Brushwork Cosmetics Face Sculpting Set

Brushwork Cosmetics Face Sculpting Set

Brushwork cosmetics pride themselves on their Japanese heritage, professionally adored brushes and this latest collection is already drawing eyes for its vegan-friendly, beautifully shaped and professional brushes.

Brushwork face sculpting kit
Brushwork face sculpting kit


Slightly flat and round shaped with a tapered end, the 2.3 brush is designed to give a precise blush application to the cheeks.


Shaped to sculpt the cheek, the angle of the brush is set to allow you to contour the cheek with a more precise edge than a standard blush brush.


The tapered highlight brush is small enough to shape and apply both powders and creams to the face with a light touch in the areas you want to highlight.

Each brush is carefully crafted and well placed to meet the needs of the most ardent aficionado of makeup brushes.   Vegan-friendly and professionally approved, Brushwork cosmetics is one of the standard bears of brushes in their native Thailand with beauty bloggers, professional artists and of course the consumers grabbing them up,

The clean lines and luxurious packaging add to the sense of the beauty the brushes give, the deep blue handles and ferrules with the dipped blue tips of the synthetic hairs, give them a uniform feel that makes you want to display them as well as use them.

Respected for their other single brushes and sets as well as the liquid lipsticks this new addition to the brushwork line up is welcomed to the market with the same awe as their previous launches and a welcome if not demanded addition with the contour and highlight trend still being strong.

Weighted to sit perfectly in the hand, working as a tool, these brushes give you that little extra edge to your routine and a sense of South East Asian charm and tradition in brushmaking that has makeup artists and connoisseurs reaching for their credit cards.

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