Metaphysical Beauty: Astrological + Crystal Lovers Obsessed

Can Crystals Make A Difference In Beauty?

Crystals, special stones and minerals are all kinds of trendy currently. Both because we seem to be trending toward returning to our natural roots, but also because they are SUPER pretty and aesthetic is everything right now. The #boho side of Instagram has been taken over by pretty rocks sitting on perfect stump side tables alongside a morning latte. But can the addition of crystal “energy” make a difference to a face cream? Shamans and healers have sung the praises of crystals for healing for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. It might make sense, if the earth has energy running through it, that that energy could be stored in the minerals that have been compressed into crystal form. We figure that either way, they are beautiful. And beauty most definitely heals.

Astrologically-inspired wellness and beauty products are taking over the beauty industry, from crystal-infused candles to gemstone lotions, our favorite picks harness the power of the stars. For metaphysical beauty inspiration, find your inner Goddess with the help of these brands.


Rose Quartz Illuminating Body Oil by Herbivore ($48)

We are in love with the Rose Quartz Illuminating Body Oil  , a luscious oil blended with Moroccan rose, jasmine, and orchid extract for a divine scent and sultry smooth skin. The glittered oil gives a lovely subtle shine while moisturizing, making your body feel and look summer-ready. The Rose Quartz channels the Heart Chakra, the energy center for love. So drip some of the body oil for an intoxicating sun kissed glow– you never know who you might meet on a night out.

Luna + Quartz

Best Candle to set Intention

Luna + Quartz was birthed out of a love for astrology, tarot, Reiki healing, and crystals. Each product is solar and crystal-infused for six weeks prior to blending, then enhanced with Reiki to bring universal light and intention. The Callisto Body Oil, named after one of Jupiter’s moons, emphasizes the good fortune of the ringed planet. Infused with citrine, the seductive bronze oil is ideal for summer with hints of coconut, adding a celestial shimmery beauty to the body while bringing good luck and protection.

For the dreaded period of Mercury Retrograde, Luna + Quartz has created the perfect protective energy with a mix of essential oils and crystals in their Mercury Retrograde Roller. The easy-on roller combines kyanite (meant to align the chakras and squash miscommunication) with the lucky green aventurine to bring optimism and perseverance. The cinnamon and peppermint scent has a faint wisp of licorice, refreshing and sweet. Apply to the wrists and neck for maximum spiritual coverage.

After using the Stardust Dream Mist, it’s hard to imagine another way to sleep. The beautiful dark cerulean blue mist is to be sprayed over the bed and pillows to create an oasis for blissful sleep. The mist is infused with Lemurian quartz and rainbow moonstone to balance and diffuse energy for soothing dreams and a restful calm. The shimmer evokes a magical fairytale fable for bedtime, and the fresh lemony lavender and chamomile scent immediately refreshes the room while relaxing the body like a lullaby.

For more home decor bliss, the Intention Candle is a standout attraction. The Rose and Leather scented candle promotes self-love, confidence, and clarity to manifest self-esteem. The light rose fragrance isn’t overpowering and easily complements any room. Each candle includes raw rose quartz and crystal quartz in the fragrance soy wax, adding a stunning visual during their 30 to 35-hour burn.

Wild Medicine

Titanium Quartz soap ($22) by Wild Medicine Clary Sage Botanical Soaps

Wild Medicine specializes in cube-shaped soaps to integrate essential oils and crystal energy into every day life. The intriguing petite soaps are perfect for a hostess present or guest bathroom– they’re stunning and beautiful with an unexpected raw crystal in the middle, and made from vegetable glycerin, adding an eco-friendly luxe feel. Try the Rose Quartz for a comforting light floral scent with citrus hues and Himalayan sea salt, or opt for Titanium Quartz with a minty tea tree oil smell and dark blue crystal for a modern statement look. Like every crystal, no two soaps are alike.

Honeybee Gardens

Amethyst Crystal Infused Body Oil by Honeybee Gardens ($13.99)

The soothing scents of lavender and lemon are channeled by the Amethyst Crystal-Infused Body Oil to enhance mood and mindfulness. Amethyst, a birthstone, embodies stability and peace, and mixed with essential oils like hemp seed and sweet almond can unlock balance and healing. Dab the lightweight oil on before bed for a relaxing evening and some much-needed “me” time.


The Ritual 

The Moon Ritual by The Ritual ($24)

California-based brand The Ritual offers ceremonial tools, ritual kits, crystals, incenses, and beauty elixirs that wield the natural power of high-vibrational spirituality. With packaging reminding users to “heal, love, invoke,” The Ritual brings a refreshing serenity to self-care. The Moon Ritual herbal incense helps manifest intentions through sage, blue lotus, rose, and cornflowers, along with a crystal-infused selenite for enhanced meditation. A basil-y scent with layers of sweet rose, the Moon Ritual is a calming fragrance perfect for cleansing your day.

The Amethyst Moonshine Crystal Elixir by The Ritual ($28)

The Amethyst Moonshine Crystal Elixir similarly brings crystal-charged lunar energy. This tangy lavender-scented oil contains clear quartz for healing and amethyst for tranquility, as the organic lavender essential oils relieve stress and attract love. Dab a few droplets on before bed for a quieting sensation as you fall asleep with dreams of romance.

Best Beauty Products for crystal lovers

Our favorite is the Gypsy Rose Synergy Quartz Oil. The roll-on perfume contains loose dried flowers, citrus, and essential oils for a fresh fragrance, with each bottle containing a quartz crystal roller ball and mystical moon energy infusion. Inspired by Sagittarius, the perfume is perfect for the free-spirited wanderlust lovers in all of us.

Mazz Hanna

Amethyst Cuticle Oil ($28) by Mazz Hanna

Former advertising creative director Mazz Hanna tapped into her passion for crystals and nail art to form her eponymous sustainable brand. Hanna, a certified crystal healer and aromatherapist, developed the Amethyst Cuticle Oil to nourish nail growth and curb nail biters. The organic paraben-free rollerball includes hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, and lavender and geranium essential oils with amethyst crystals to ground your aura beginning at your fingertips. It seems like a fresh outlook on life really is in the palm of your hands.

Aquarian Soul 

Moon Balm ($40) by Aquarian Soul
Moon Balm ($40) by Aquarian Soul

Plant-based wellness brand Aquarian Soul uses organic, locally-grown ingredients to merge “science with spirit,” as founder Ally Sands describes. A certified master herbalist and Reiki healer, Sands focuses on natural remedies while sustainably harvesting ingredients in San Diego. The Moon Balm hydrates the body with coconut oil and cocoa butter, meant to be used in lieu of a traditional moisturizer. The balm is infused with moonstone, ideal for women’s cyclical nature, and is tied to the balancing emotions.

Aquarian Soul Citrine Gem Powder
Citrine Gem Powder ($36)

The Citrine Gem Powder is mixed with water to create a lightweight kaolin clay mask to brighten and restore energy. A sweet-smelling mix of pineapple, papaya, and mango, the summer-ready powder utilizes sun-powered citrine to promote happiness and recharge the body.

Aquarian Soul Carnelian Gem Paste
Carnelian Gem Paste ($40)

An easy moisturizer, the  Carnelian Gem Paste stimulates energy for an empowered mindset. The buttery paste quickly melts to an oil while applying due to the body’s natural heat. The shea butter and coconut oil hydrates the skin to repair dryness or damage. We loved the lightweight feeling of the paste and warm cinnamon-y scent. Other gem pastes include Amazonite, Fluroite, and Citrine for a full range of scents and crystal benefits.

Rose Quartz Facial Massager Tool for Facials
Rose Quartz Facial Tool ($24)

One of our favorite products this season is the Rose Quartz Facial Tool. Not only is the smooth soft pink tool a trendy addition to any bathroom, but it actually works. Skeptics to facial accessories, rejoice! We are absolutely obsessed with this effective tool that stimulates the face and prevents inflammation. Its small size gives more control over the applied pressure, and the curved shape fits the natural structure of the face. Modeled after gua sha, a tool used in traditional Chinese medicine, the Rose Quartz Facial Tool by Aquarian Soul incorporates the properties of the natural crystal for unconditional love and beauty, while expelling toxins and preventing wrinkles. It can’t get any better than that.


Independent Nail Brands
Independent Aries nail polish ($14)

The Zodiac nail polish collection by Julep offers amazing sparkle-enhanced colors for every astrological sign. The Independent Aries, a light pink metallic shade perfect for a summer neutral with a pop, celebrates the metamorphosis of Aries’ independent fiery streak while still staying fashionably on-trend.

Aether Beauty

Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette Metaphysical Beauty
Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette ($58)

California-based brand Aether Beauty was founded last year by cosmetics industry veteran Tiila Abbitt. The brand’s debut launch, the award-winning Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette, revolutionized eyeshadow by creating the first zero-waste palette in the industry. “I started to have a disconnect with formulating conventional beauty products while living an organic lifestyle,” Abbitt explained. “I also tried all the clean beauty brands and noticed they lacked the performance of conventional beauty products; as well as color and trends, and knew I could do better with my 7 years of formulation experience at Sephora.”

Each of the 12 crystal-charged shades is infused with rose quartz, symbolizing self-love and openness while helping prevent fine lines and redness. The eyeshadow itself is comprised of organic coconut oil, shea butter, and organic rose hip oil for a smooth application texture while moisturizing the skin. Our favorite shades include: Heart Stone, a warm neutral that emphasizes the eye; blue-green seductive Aphrodite; light plum Aura; and the namesake Rose Quartz for a pearly shimmer to enhance the look. Plus, 10% of sales benefit The Water Project to provide clean water to developing communities in Africa.

“I kept waiting for someone else to do it, seeing the hole in the market was so obvious to me, I kept thinking: ‘someone’s going to do this, someone’s going to do this’,” Abbitt mused. “Then after I while I noticed no one was, so it sparked the idea for me to start my own brand to prove that sustainable beauty could compete with conventional beauty.” And with the Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette, she certainly has proven it.

Ambika Herbals

For metaphysical beauty and wellness inspiration, find your inner Goddess with the help of these brands and their gorgeous product lines.
Lavender and Amethyst Gem + Flower Water ($25) by Ambika Herbals

Flower water, also known as hydrosol, is a water soluble distillation of flowers. Ambika Herbals’ Gem + Flower Water combines the aromatherapy practice with gemstones to maximize the mist quality for a hydrating facial toner. The Lavender and Amethyst version brings a honey-scented lavender from Oregon to relax and temper mood. Amethyst crystals provide feelings of contentment and spirituality. The hydrosol itself is distilled on a farm in Colorado, making the mist a truly grounded eco-friendly product and centering us with the earth.

From cosmetics to body care, these picks make it easy to follow the stars this summer to unlock your best self.

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