Wedding Bells – a Brides Story

Wedding Bells – A Brides Story !

I think I confused all my friends, as I got married a year ago with a beautiful civil ceremony at our home and decided to have my wedding reception this January, almost a year later! I was quite against all the glam and show and wanted to keep things simple, however, that didn’t really seem realistic (Indian Weddings!), so I included a Buddhist wedding in the series of ceremonies, as that was the one thing I truly wanted. I chose this very quiet, a peaceful venue in Mumbai, overlooking the Arabian sea and the only décor I wanted were flowers and candles. Sometimes being simple and sustainable can glam the place up to a level no one would expect and it was stunning. Whilst we did a “sake ceremony” and exchanged rings, the sunset, the sky changed colors and nature gave us its own decor. The setting and ambiance could not have been prettier. My gown too was something I picked off the rack in San Francisco last year and then I worked and worked on it, till it was filled with beads and fit me perfectly, zero waste techniques coming to use there! All in all, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day!

Source: Sonya Vajifdar

I often wondered though, about how sustainable and zero waste one can be while attending these soirée, so I decided to branch out into wedding finds! And the first on my list was ECOSTARDUST. One easy way to get your glam on is through this eco-conscious company selling biodegradable glitter, made from plant cellulose, derived predominantly from non-GMO sustainably farmed Eucalyptus Trees. The plant cellulose is dyed with cosmetic grade dyes and then covered with the tiniest amount of aluminum in order to give it its shine. The cellulose is then fed through a glitter-cutting machine and cut to the desired size and shape. We currently offer six different sizes all in Hexagonal shape. All our glitters now come in a cardboard box made from recycled material, printed with vegetable based inks and finished with a water-based varnish. A great new way to sparkle up the next event you go to, check them out at



To remove my makeup during the wedding I actually had this very cool sponge from the KONJAC SPONGE co – simple, effective, deep cleansing and pure: all of their facial and body sponges are eco-friendly, 100% natural and made from Korean plant roots. The Konjac Sponge is as soft as jelly and full of skin-friendly goodness! I loved the fact that it came with a wall stick-on, so I could immediately hang it up in my bath! It cleanses like nothing you have ever experienced, leaving the face fresh, glowing and silky smooth. Made from 100% natural vegetable fiber, Konnyaku (or Amorphophallus Konjac) has been used for over 1,500 years in Asia as an eco-friendly beauty treatment for sensitive skin

Source: The Konjac Sponge

This next item has seriously made me fall in love, it’s become one of my regulars and even though I try to save it for my evening outings, it’s just way too attractive to leave it behind in the day as well. BIJI BIJI DESIGN has to be one of the coolest most durable bags I have received so far; I have literally shown everyone I know how fantastic this bag is! Biji-biji sources seat belts from local seat belt manufacturers. Their procurement team purchases seat belts in bulk. Each bag comprises a mixture of seat belts that are excessively produced, factory offcuts, safety reject and color defect due to strict auditing policies, each bag is packed with various qualities and colors with no selection privileges. The bags are then brought back to the workshop where they are rolled up for storage. Their designer will work with the production team to carefully measure, cut and sew the seat belts side by side on lining before making them! They are available on

Biji Biji Design  opt to work with seat belts because of their durability. Also, they believe that it is one of the best available materials to replace leather! I had a really hard time choosing one of these, as the styles are just great! They purchase 100% recycled paper locally to print our hangtags in-house. I finally chose the Camelia (my sister’s name) Seat Belt Clutch which is the perfect day and night accessory. This clutch opens to reveal a compartmentalized interior with ample card slots and just enough room for a cell phone, cosmetics and keys. For a night out, detach the shoulder strap for a classy ensemble. They also offer a one year warranty! LOVE IT!



I discovered this Brand in my home town, India called Satat, SATAT circles around designs that are timeless in style, seasoned craftsmanship, sustainable materials and processes that leave behind a lesser carbon footprint. Their concepts bud from the ideology of products being sustainably handcrafted.

They work with generations of skilled craftsmen and inculcate their experience and perspective into their designs to keep the traditional touch intact. I got the Kalanidhi Haldi Dual Ring and my favorite, the Vinayaka earrings. These pieces are hand made and even though they look big and heavy they feel as light as a feather when worn! I especially liked the blue tassels. Totally wearable for any festive occasion.

Source: Satat

And with that I’m all set to prepare for my sisters wedding soon !


Written By – SONYA VAJIFDAR – Ethical Influencer , Blogger , Journalist and Sustainable Fashion Brand Owner !

Sonya Vajifdar

Ethical Influencer and Fashion Designer Sonya Vajifdar holds a Fashion and Textile design degree from Istituto Europeo de Design, Milan. .In 2009, the label ‘SONYA VAJIFDAR’ was born, currently being sold Internationally . Sonya is extremely passionate about where and how ethically clothes and other products are made and she writes and reviews beauty products /clothes and homeware from brands across the world . She is a proud member of Ethical Influencer (UK) and her articles are being published by some of the best international sustainable magazines ! Sonya Vajifdar clothing has been featured in practically all the high end fashion magazines and she has also been a Sustainable Styling Course Director in Fashion Schools in India and UAE .

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