5 Reasons to Wake Up Earlier

Forget the snooze button; give yourself a few extra minutes in the morning to get the day rolling in the right direction.
Source: Pexels

Mornings can be a chaotic rush.  Your blaring alarm clock wakes you out of the comfort of your sleep into a frenzy of getting ready for the tasks that lie ahead of you every day.  Ignoring that alarm every ten minutes seems like the easiest option, but is it the best way to start your day on the right side of the bed?

Here are 5 tasks to add to your morning routine that may take a little extra time but are worthwhile to get your body and mind moving instead of snoozing.
  1. Open your blinds or curtains. Let the natural light shine to remind your body that it’s morning.  This will literally brighten your own day.  The sun is a friendly reminder that it is time to get going.

    Photograph by Kristin Vogt
  2. Make your bed and meditate. Tidying your sheets and blankets not only gets you out of your bed, but it gives you a great space to sit and clear your mind first thing in the morning.  Sitting up straight, setting a five-minute timer, and focusing on intentional breathing while on a space that is neat and cozy is a way to put you in the right head space for the day.
  3. Make yourself a warm lemon water. Using fresh lemons, squeeze the juice into boiling or warm water in a mug to get an array of benefits.  Start your day with hydration that aids your digestion for the hours ahead and provides your body with vitamin C.
  4. Light your favorite candle while getting ready. Filling your room with a citrus, ginger, or cucumber scent can uplift your mood and energize your spirit.  Wake up and smell the candle (and the coffee, too).

    Source: Pixabay
  5. Sit down and write a to-do list. With school or work, thinking about the day as whole is a major stressor.  Collect your thoughts, take a deep breath, and list out the individual things that you need to do.  This will allow you to visualize how to take one step at a time and make you feel accomplished when you get to tick a task off the list.

Finding time for a morning routine that causes you to be happy, healthy, and motivated makes waking up early worth every second.  Rise and shine!

Allison Strang

UCA Epsom Fashion Journalism Student

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