Chelsea Flower Show You Have Dazzled Us Once Again

It is that time of year again The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is upon us and SW3 is well and truly in bloom! It is now becoming a little tradition that my mum and I slip on our favourite summer dresses and head to, in our opinion, the event of the year!

If you didn’t manage to get tickets, Chelsea In Bloom allows for everyone to feel as though they are part of the Flower Show. With this years theme being Summer Of Love the shops of SW3 really went above and beyond with their displays. Rag & Bone always blow me away…

Private members club, The Sloane Club, humoured passers by with an upper class British older couple enjoying some bubbly with their dogs at their feet surrounded by 3D hearts made of red flowers.

I won’t tell you anymore as not to spoil them, but, remember in the middle of Sloane Square you can pick up a map to ensure you don’t miss out of any of the displays! Happy flower hunting readers!

Main Avenue Show Gardens were superb; two really stood out for me that I want to share with you. The Welcome To Yorkshire Garden designed by Mark Gregory was a little snippet of heaven. Utterly picturesque with a colour scheme of purple, pink, white and a mixture of dense green planting giving a natural landscape effect set on the edge of a woodland with a trickling stream wondering in-front of a cosy little cottage, accessible by walking through a gate and over a small bridge.

The other garden which stood out to me and was by far my absolute favourite, The Pearlfisher Garden designed by Karen Welman and John Warland. It was designed to celebrate the beauty of the underwater gardens at the bottom of our Oceans-something we have never seen before at Chelsea. The garden showed off ocean plants, coral, cacti and succulents surrounded by a series of aquatic tanks with fish swimming around.

The life of the garden didn’t stop there! There was a merman of sorts covered in coral stepping into the garden as well as the central feature of a 3D pearl woman diving into the ocean.

The Pearlfisher Garden partnered with Plastic Oceans to highlight the irrevocable impact of plastic waste on our oceans; the garden had plastic bottles lining the walls in a subtle yet powerful way, in hope to open peoples eyes to the importance and beauty of our ecosystem and bring a call of action to businesses, designers and people to be more sustainable, especially when it comes to products and packaging. In short, stop polluting our oceans we need them!

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