Luxurious Spa Services For Royalty

There are many spa services that are offered in the world to give you the best experience of your life. These services provide the perfect detox, facials, massages and many more. It is vital to pamper yourself every once in a while because it helps you de-stress and enhances your beauty. These are the most luxurious treatments that could’ve been given to Meghan Marks, the new Duchess of Sussex for her Royal Wedding.


UMO Skin Clinic London Gold Facial – $500

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This is a luxury gold facial that utilizes 24-carat gold that provides hydration and nutrients to the skin. It restores your skin tone, texture, and elasticity. This facial is perfect to prepare for a wedding because it will keep your skin youthful and glowy.

Royal Treatment – $451

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This treatment is found in China at Shanghai’s Bund Five Spa Oasis. It is a great treatment because it helps rejuvenate your body. It involves soaking in a bath full of relaxing oils and rose petals and it comes with a body scrub hand massage. It also includes a 90 minutes Pramol facial and lavender-body scrub.

Grand Luxe Facial – $750

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This facial is offered at Spa Radiance in San Francisco. It includes a caviar mask, diamond peel, omega 6 treatment for healthy eyes and protein drops for the hands. The LED therapy keeps your skin clear by removing rosacea, blackheads, and irritation.

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