Excess weight pose a lot of health risks for you. Being overweight is associated with an increased risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and posture problems among other health problems.

Abdominal obesity, which is having excess fats in your midsection, has been particularly highlighted to further heighten these risks including that of suffering a heart attack and stroke.

To shed off some fat, one should lead an active lifestyle and get at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. In addition to boosting metabolism and stimulating the body’s fat burning processes, regular exercise also lowers cortisol levels which can hinder your body from losing weight.

Exercise must be complemented with healthy eating habits if you are to shed off some pounds and keep them off. There is always the phenomenon where people hit the gym to burn off some calories then overcompensate by consuming even more calories than they burned. This, without fail, will always lead to weight gain instead of weight loss.

Healthy eating habits are essential in staying lean and fit.


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Avoid processed sugars

Body converts excess sugars into fats and as you can see, this is counterproductive to your weight loss goal. Avoid foods with processed sugars like candies and sodas which contain empty calories that do nothing for your body but make you fat.

Also avoid cakes and sugary snacks and instead opt for healthy fruit servings which are also rich in fiber and help in digestion.


Avoid saturated fats

While protein is essential for muscle growth and bodily functions, replace your intake of red meat with plant proteins which have low fat content.


Eat a lot of vegetable

Vegetables are healthy and for the same size portions with, say, meat, you will feel full faster on vegetables and consume less calories. They also contain essential vitamins and minerals that are important in maintaining a healthy body.

The costs of vegetables at the grocery store can be prohibitive but you can start your own vegetable garden in your backyard to cut costs. Plant a variety of produce including leafy vegetables, tomatoes and peppers, and know when to pick peppers since when left to overstay in the garden, they lose their nutritional value.


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Drink plenty of water

Keeping yourself is important for your health as well as your weight loss goals. Water improves digestion and improves metabolism which is important in reducing the conversion of foods into fats.

Drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before eating will not only improve your digestion but also make you feel full faster. This helps in portion control.


Portion control

Reduce the portions of foods you eat. Instead of wolfing down a jumbo-size meal in one sitting, break down your eating plan into several small meals throughout the day.

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