Top 3 Beauty Companies That Use Eco-Friendly Packaging

Earth day is here and it’s time to celebrate the beauty companies that use eco-friendly packaging. Every year, packaging from wrappers, tubes and boxes make up one-quarter of landfill waste according to the Environmental Protection Agency. These are the beauty brands that provide eco-friendly packaging to help keep the world green.


Tata Harper

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Tata Harper is a beauty company that creates 100 percent natural and non-toxic products. These products are sold using recyclable paper and glass. They also buy renewable energy from the state of Vermont to run their facilities, which is a great way to save the environment.



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Lush is a beauty company that creates handmade vegan products that range from moisturizers, fragrances, bath bombs and many more. Lush creates their products that are made of recycled material. They also sell most of their products that come with no packaging, which is another great way to go green.



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Farmacy is another beauty company that has farm-grown ingredients. It is free from parabens, formaldehyde, and artificial colors. Farmacy uses printing ingredients with soy ink onto Forest Stewardship Council certified paper that is harvested from well-managed forests. They create their packaging by using info sheets that list the products printed inside, this is a great way to save paper.


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