Cost Effective Ways to Beautify Your Smile

Even if you take really good care of your oral hygiene, you can take other steps to enhance your smile. With age, teeth can become dull and yellow. Time can also wear down, chip, and crack your teeth. Of course, visiting your dentist twice per year to have your teeth professionally cleaned is the optimal way to keep your smile healthy. On the other hand, investing in porcelain veneers or getting braces to help align your teeth will also make your smile look absolutely picture perfect. Here’s how to determine which oral care options are the most cost-effective and which will have the best results.

How Can You Improve Your Smile?

If cost wasn’t a concern at all for you, what would you have done to your teeth? Do you have a gap between your two front teeth that makes you feel self-conscious about your smile? Have your recently needed to have a tooth pulled and now you require a replacement? From teeth whitening procedures to major dental work, there are numerous ways that the average person could help to improve their smile. By knowing what can be done to improve your smile, you can actually have a productive conversation with your dentist, learn more about the procedures and recovery process, and then get an idea on total costs.

What Does Your Dentist Say?

In order to learn if your plan to improve your smile is both cost-effective and realistic, you have to run things by your dentist. A person who plans on getting their teeth whitened instead of the root canals that their dentist recommends is not going to have the best outcome. Remember, your dentist is the expert in this case – not just because he or she is a professional, but because your dentist knows your teeth well. Have your dentist order x-rays, go over your plans to improve your smile, and get a professional opinion on what can and cannot be done to help make your smile more beautiful.

Reviewing the Options

In dentistry, there are usually a few different ways that the appearance of one’s teeth can be improved upon. For teeth that are badly worn down, there are caps or porcelain veneers, as well as dental implants. Some dental options will be cheaper and require less downtime, but they also may not last a lifetime. How important is it for you to beautify your smile and not have to worry about maintenance? Are any of the cosmetic dental procedures that you are interested in medically necessary and, therefore, covered by your insurance? Unless your gums are badly infected, you can generally spend a few months thinking and going over your options before needing to schedule any type of cosmetic dental procedure. Of course, you likely have the desire to improve the appearance of your smile right away. Just consider that many cosmetic dental procedures are permanent in nature, so don’t be quick to jump into things.

What Are the Oral Care Issues You Experience the Most?

Some dental procedures can help beautify your smile as well as take care of other dental issues. For instance, getting a root canal can help alleviate sensitive gums. If you have a lot of cavities, then certainly getting fillings and having the affected teeth capped will at least prevent new cavities from forming in the same areas. If your teeth are badly discolored, then getting dental implants will aid you in obtaining a beautiful, bright white smile again, once and for all.


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Over-the-Counter Oral Care Options

It is possible to improve the appearance of your smile at home, but you also need completely realistic expectations. Taking steps such as quitting smoking will almost certainly lead to whiter teeth. If you normally grind your teeth in your sleep, wearing a molded mouthguard will help to preserve your smile. At the same time, there are home remedies and products that your dentist would likely advise you not to use, such as LED tooth whitening lights, as well as products with abrasive chemicals. Do what you can within reason to improve the way your teeth look, under the advisement of your dentist.

Dental Teaching Schools

Okay, so if you want to know the very least expensive way to get your teeth fixed up and beautified, you should visit local dental schools. There are always eager students learning how to become dentists who need live patients to practice on. While you should exercise caution while going this route, note that a professionally licensed dentist is always present to ensure that nothing goes wrong. You might not get the same results as you would if you went to a private dentist, but you can get almost any type of dental service done at a tiny fraction of the normal price. Moreover, dental schools usually offer services to patients on a sliding scale basis, so you can get your entire mouth worked on until you are happy.

Doing the Final Cost Analysis

Can you afford to pay for all of the dental work that you need to have done, and are you prepared for every step of the recovery process? Getting your smile perfected is a little harder than just walking into your dentist’s office and asking for a service to be performed. If you have teeth extracted, you need to be ready to take off a couple of days from work. With tooth whitening, there will be some downtime. And if you get dental implants, follow-up appointments will be required. Each service is going to cost a different amount based on the region in which you live and even the experience of your dentist.

Keep the costs down on the amount of cosmetic dental work you require by taking the best possible care of your teeth. If you brush and floss as you should, you’ll have fewer cavities. Non-smokers traditionally have much whiter teeth than tobacco users. Spending a couple of extra minutes every day caring for your teeth will lead you to have a more beautiful smile for a lifetime.


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