Sustainable Fashion – Why you all should know about ALAMA Project made in Tanzania, Africa

ALAMA is a culture-to-wear label created by a team of skilled women artisans, who were united by their will to promote the legacy of the Maasai tribe of Tanzania through meaningful hand-crafted bead jewellery that is designed for women and men who wish to support their culture and craftsmanship.

In the traditional Maasai culture, the women are the ones in charge of the beading. The beaded jewellery pieces accompany the tribe through all stages of life. The colors and the structure of the jewellery can indicate someone’s age, social status, marital status, gender and give insights on warrior-hood. In this context, the white beads stand for purity, the red ones symbolise bravery and strength, the blue ones are for energy and represent the sky, while the green beads stand for the land and symbolise health. Orange and yellow beands represent hospitality and black ones symbolise the people of the Maasai tribe. Each unique jewellery piece is handmade and a celebration of the ancestral traditions of the Maasai people, their semi-nomadic lifestyle and their distinctive dress and jewellery customs.

Empowering Maasai women

The women artisans who create ALAMA’s one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces are members of a traditional pastoral African tribe of the upland steppes of Tanzania. In this context, each ALAMA artisan is continuously supported with a higher revenue generated through the direct purchase of their jewellery by our brand and through the provision of work tools adapted to the quality requirements of the luxury industry.

Making meaningful impacts

ALAMA is empowered by the non-governmental organisation Africa Amini Alama which improves the living conditions of the Maasai and Meru tribes of Tanzania by providing them with free health care and social help, as well as free educational programs. In addition, the NGO invests into GMO-free agricultural production and sustainable tourism projects which are managed by the Maasai themselves. Working in close collaboration with ALAMA, the NGO is also supported by our brand as we invest part of our revenues generated through our jewelry sales online and in selected multi-brand stores into the projects of Africa Amini Alama.

Promoting sustainable design

Committed to both the preservation of the Maasai tribe’s cultural heritage and sustainable craIsmanship, ALAMA’s jewellery collection grows organically, with unique and handmade statement pieces, instead of seasonal offerings, and with a zero waste policy. Our women artisans work only with locally sourced leather, as well as with recycled plastic and glass beads that they purchase from local markets in Northern Tanzania. When you wear ALAMA, you can be sure that your jewellery was made with respect for people, animals and the environment.

Fusing with the luxury industry

In order to promote sustainable craIsmanship within the luxury industry, ALAMA teamed up with the French luxury brand FAITH CONNEXION who has been supporting the brand since its inception. The first collaboration for women‘s and men‘s has been revealed for the Spring/Summer 2017 season and has helped to raise awareness around their meaningful jewelery, as well as to boost the sales as the collaboration has been picked up by some of the luxury industry’s top press and top stores like Luisa Via Roma, Le 66 and Yoko Aunty.

Together with the Moroccan photographer Ilyes Griyeb  and the Australian videographer Gavin Youngs , the brand aims to produce and exhibit the first ever photo & video fashion campaign with Maasai women artisans.
They therefore need all the support to portrait, film and honor all the Maasai women who make ALAMA happen. You can click on the link underneath to watch the campaign video and to help them to empower the women artisans of Tanzania. The campaign’s goal is to reach 22k in the upcoming remaining 29 days to cover all production costs, which is why they count on press support to make this dream come true.