Religion sells By Jp McLaughlin

Controversial and blasphemous, with a rag of truth, the painting “religion sells” is an epic statement of Religious bias in the modern world.  Cynical enough to see through a facade Jp McLaughlin has shown iconography in a different light.

"religion sells" by JP McLaughlin
Oil on board “religion sells” by JP McLaughlin

Brutal in its depiction Jesus Christ, this tongue in cheek, deeply satirical piece profiles the hypocrisy of selling the image of a man known for his humanitarianism and charity.  As the child of God, depicted so often by scholars as weeping we see the depth of the current religious market where even the holiest and sanctified images are for sale and brand endorsement is second nature.

As a Catholic himself, even the artist is not above taking a swipe at the religious and pious with this cutting piece of satire.

Beautifully brutal, the depiction takes a classical stance with a modern twist, a familiar image, the supermarket branding give it the edge that takes it from the sublime to the ridiculous and swipes a cold edge to the cross.  With neo-classical styling, we see the two watching figures give it a sense of current culture: highlighted by their baseball caps and tracksuit jackets.

The humorous intent with a caustic message tackles the hypocrisy of the world as we see religion used as a stick to beat people with and the commercialization of Deities to a point where art reflects life in the coldest light.

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