Suit and Tie: Celeb Designer Andrew Jang Donates Custom Suits to Underprivileged Youth

Andrew Jang, the founder of private label custom suit line Adriaen Black, brings the red carpet to the students throughout Manhattan.

Known for his custom pieces, Jang specializes in suits for professional athletes. Jang’s brand became synonymous with NBA and NFL players for his forward style and tailoring skills. Celebrity players from teams like the Los Angeles Lakers and the New York Giants don Adriaen Black sports jackets and dress pants for post-game press conferences, ESPY awards, and draft day ceremonies.

Sacramento Kings power forward Skal Labissière poses in Adriaen Black.

This past fall, Jang created “Made to Measure, Made with Love,” an initiative to provide new clothes for underserved children within the Manhattan community.

“I grew up as an orphan, so I know what it is like to always rely on secondhand clothing,” Jang explained. “I also know how special it felt to receive something new; I can only imagine how I would have felt if I had the
opportunity to have something custom created just for me.”

Jang first donated 370 custom-tailored winter coats to students at P.S. 154 in the Bronx. The designer personally invested $440,000 to create the jackets, and spent two full days at the school fitting and measuring the students. Each child had the opportunity to select their preferred style and color for their new custom coat. Jang even added a personal touch to the jackets with monogrammed initials for each individual student.

A happy P.S. 154 student shows off his new custom Adriaen Black coat.

Jang’s goal was not only to provide warmth in the winter months, but also to teach the students the cycle of charity and gratitude. “I hope that by receiving this gift from me, these students will also feel inspired and empowered to give back themselves,” Jang continued. “As they grow, perhaps they will donate this coat to someone younger.”

Designer Andrew Jang teaches students how to construct a jacket at P.S. 154.

The second venture for Jang’s “Made to Measure, Made with Love” campaign focused on designing custom suits for children preparing for job interviews or college applications through the YMCA College and Career Access Program at the Westside YMCA. Jang designed high-end custom-tailored suits to the underprivileged teens in the Rowe Scholars program, with the hope the new stylish outfits would instill confidence in the students as they enter the professional world.

An Andrew Jang-design custom suit from Adraien Black label retails for an average of $3,500. Once again, Jang donated both his time and material costs to these New York students to create a unique VIP experience.

“The YMCA’s College Access and Career Readiness programs and my Made to Measure, Made to Love program have a very similar mission of building
young students’ self-esteem, so they may go on to make a positive difference in our world,” Jang said. “It seemed only natural that we join forces to better achieve that goal.”

Jang hopes to broaden his program to someday offer entire wardrobes for underprivileged students. He even teased that his customers in the NBA and NFL will also participate in his “Made to Measure, Made with Love” program.

“Fortunately, I am in a place where I am now able to gift that experience to others,” Jang said. “It is a truly rewarding feeling and I am so happy to do it.”