Michael Lombard designs

Renowned celebrity fashion designer Michael Lombard started as a record label executive and quickly realized his passion for designing and creating something unique in the fashion industry. Dubbed “The King of Leather” by Huffington Post, Michael Lombard’s Collection has been worn by professional athletes to music stars worldwide. Using the highest grade Italian leather in the world, his designs have graced the runways worldwide from NYFW, London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and many more. With innovative cutting-edge designs, Michael Lombard is revolutionizing the luxury game.

Michael Lombard designs
Attention to detail with Michael Lombard designs

Sourcing only the most premium and ethically sourced materials in the leather industry (verified), he has created a brand that is both contemporary in its outlook but still has that edge of stability that will see you wearing his pieces for years to come and even adding to your collection.

Focusing on leather has allowed him to work with only premium supplies and ensure that the fabrics are ethically sourced and treated, making him a leader in his field.

With designs that would look equally as good on Marlin Brando or James Dean today, they are wardrobe staples and investments.  A designer with a consciousness about the rapidity of change in the fashion industry, Michael wanted to create something that could be cherished and will grow with its owner, whilst allowing them to have that fashion edge.

Michael Lombard designs
Michael Lombard designs

As at home on fashionistas back as she shops in the fifth avenue or Bond street boutiques, his almost heavy metal edge is also  is countered with pieces that are polar opposite and yet still signatures of his unique style, with their almost sci-fi edge you can easily see them draped over a starlets shoulder as she enters the hottest dance club in town.

You simply cannot dismiss the designs as seasonal, each one is unique and allows the wearer to be a part of not only his world but create their own identity, adding to their own personal mystique, these designs will travel with them and age beautifully as only a true classic can.  You will not replace it, you may add to your collection but you simply have it because it is and has been for decades a wardrobe staple that never goes out of style and with a Michael Lombard piece, you’re making a statement that will grow with you.

Michael Lombard Designs
Silver grey leather jacket by Michael Lombard Designs

For more details on the designer see:  https://www.michaellombard.com

Michael Lombard Isntagram: @michaellombard_designer

Press and media inquiries: https://www.houseofikons.com

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