Laura Strambi Creates Luxury Eco-Chic Fashion

Italian fashion veteran Laura Strambi’s eponymous ready-to-wear women’s clothing line epitomizes luxury sustainable high fashion. The first Laura Strambi YOJ collection debuted in Dubai in 2014 in collaboration with Vogue with a presentation of the short film “My Dream Green Fashion.”

Strambi embraces a “green philosophy” for her minimalist fashion. All pieces are made in Italy with traceable materials. Dyes are azo-free, all fabrics incorporate organic cotton, and the brand uses only vegan leather by way of Pinatex. Each material in the design process is Fair Trade and entirely traceable. Furthermore, the brand only uses local workshops for tailoring and finishing of garments.

A gown from the Laura Strambi YOJ spring/summer collection.

The brand draws inspiration from nature. “We must look at the world with admiration and profound respect,” Strambi mused.

Strambi has previously collaborated with exclusive collections for Bulgari and Swarovski, as well as other Italian luxury brands. Yet Strambi sought to further the environmental movement within the fashion industry. “I approached the concept of sustainability,” Strambi said. “I wanted to further research the origin of textile fibers, from cultivation to dyes, and the relationship between textile and health.”

A metallic trench coat over a sheer ensemble.

Strambi has also worked as an adjunct professor in environmental fashion at a variety of universities throughout Italy. “We must teach young people that even buying a t-shirt can affect pollution,” Strambi explained.

The Laura Strambi YOJ brand mixes modern minimalism with fun prints and sharp tailoring, elevating everyday looks into runway-worthy styles. Bonus: all products are environmentally conscious. Who knew green could ever be so high fashion?

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