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Moira Beauty is leading the charge on affordable cosmetics for professionals.  A company that is all about the evolution of beauty: behind a simplistic name is some of the best cosmetics and skin available on the market at the moment they are expanding all the time to become a highly sought after and respected makeup line that is available to pros and consumers alike.

moira charcoal mask

Starting with the skin care they have one of the most sought-after peel off masks, a cult item in many peoples lives with its key ingredients being charcoal and green tea.

With a range of palettes and lip products that make the average professional makeup artist and make up enthusiast reach for their credit card, this range does not break the bank in price but blows the mind in quality.

With a range that includes the must-have colors and textures of the season for lips, it’s a no-brainer to think that this is a brand to watch and to add to your make up bag.

The simple, elegant packaging screams luxury with its soft muted tones and pigmentation that is on a par with the most expensive ranges, looking closely at details such as the beautiful tones of the blusher palette we see a color range that is about enhancing.  The strobe and allure palette is just the right side of shimmer to make it wearable without the makeup wearing you.

strobe and allure palette
strobe and allure palette

With an overall theme to the range being about affordable, wearable make up that will evolve with you it’s easy to see why this makeup range is already a big seller in the USA and with plans underway to break into the UK and Europe, this will be the range to have for professionals across the Globe.

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blossom and adore blush palette
blossom and adore blush palette

moira cosmetics matte liquid lips


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