Peep is Partnering With Environmental Charity Trees For Cities

Peep is partnering with environmental charity Trees for Cities, to help breathe new life into urban areas, creating greener city spaces.
It’s simple, for every pair of glasses sold, the money donated by Peep enables Trees for Cities to plant a tree where it’s most needed.
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Since 1993 Trees for Cities have recognized the need for more trees. Engaging over 70,000 people to plant over 770,000 urban trees in parks, streets, schools and housing estates across the UK, as well as internationally, revitalizing these areas and improving the lives of the people who live in them.  Strengthening communities through volunteering opportunities, building urban forests and inspiring children through their edible playgrounds, to grow and eat good food while connecting with nature.


Jo Skelton, Founder comments: “We’ve been looking for the right charity to team up with since we launched and with this exciting new partnership we can help raise both funds and awareness for this brilliant cause. Peep is proud to show its commitment to the environment by not only saving unloved frames from landfill but also by giving back helping to repopulate trees and bring communities back to nature – it’s a win-win for us. We want to help Trees for Cities reach their goal to plant a million urban trees by 2020.”

Trees are an excellent remedy for improving mental health and wellbeing. A growing body of research is showing that spending time around trees and nature, known as ‘Forest Bathing’ reduces depression and anxiety. The benefits are even greater when combined with exercise.
Trees for Cities focus on planting trees and greening community spaces where the social and environmental impact on local people is greatest.  In the UK this might mean planting trees to clean the air, or transforming unused community spaces into vibrant green areas, whilst in Nairobi it’s planting fruit trees for food and sustainable livelihoods. Whatever the cause, the outcome is making communities happier and healthier places to live.
Peep transform all their vintage frames, surrounded by trees, at their workshop in the Leicestershire countryside – fully refurbishing the frames from oiling to professional polishing.
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