February 2018


Inspired by the underground punk movement that ran from the 70’s to the late 90’s, the UNDERAGE AW18 collection comments on the rebellious and social disruption of the era -and what that means for someone of a similar mindset today.

‘Riots of Our Own’ as it is titled, celebrates self-expression, independence, and nonconformity, acknowledging the makers of change from the past and applying it to a personal, modern-day fight against the grain. A fearless womenswear collection with a nod to a unisex attitude, the pieces combine traditional techniques with contemporary approaches. The use of age-old screen printing their original illustrations is an example of this, as well as delicate mock-devoré mixed with cool metallics and provocative mirrored prints on conservatively tailored garments.

Underage London Womenswear Fall Winter 2018-2019 London February 2018


Pure tailoring wool, polyester chiffon, technical jersey, cotton jersey & ribbing, microfiber polyester, polyester twill, Monroe satin polyester, cotton corduroy.

Underage London Womenswear Fall Winter 2018-2019 London February 2018


Gold, silver, red, yellow, black, white, navy.

Underage London Womenswear Fall Winter 2018-2019 London February 2018


Ying Shen was born in Beijing China, where she went on to initially study graphic design, focusing on multiple disciplines including film, animation and 3D modeling, before coming to London to pursue fashion. She enlisted at Central Saint Martins School of Art & Design where she honed her various design skills into garment design and construction, whilst also gaining a specific interest in dying and printing textiles. Now permanently based in London, Ying Shen has since founded womenswear brand, ‘UNDERAGE’ – Shen is delighted to be showing her AW18 collection at the ICA during LFW.


Show production: Evelyn Tsekoura @ Dot Athena

Styling: Rubina Marchiori

Makeup: Jinny Kim

Hair: Roger Cho

Set Designer: Angie Vasileiou

Sound Design: Jeph Vanger

Jewellery by: Skylar Long

Adrielyn Christi

Finding the latest and greatest in fashion and to have the ability to share it with the world is truly my passion.

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