The New and Improved From KKW Beauty

Kim Kardashian has had quite the year so far, from her welcoming of her baby girl, to her release of her new perfumes. Kim has wasted no time in expanding her KKW Beauty line, with the latest launch of new new and improved contour and highlighting sticks. As a fashion and beauty mogul, Kim’s fans follow her daily looks and trends. Perhaps her most notable look is her sharply contoured jawline and cheekbones. Instead of just showing her fans how to recreate her look, she created her own products with which to achieve it. So from this dramatic contour craze, came the birth of Kim Kardashian’s line of contour and highlighting sticks. 

Image Source: KKW Beauty

Her original highlight and contour sticks were criticized by some fans of the line, mainly concerning the little amount of product one stick would contain. In addition to this, some were unhappy that one could only purchase the highlight and contouring sticks in a set that also included a brush, and cost $48. Now, Kim has made some drastic changes to these products, starting with the volume of product in one tube. In her upcoming launch, the sticks will include twice the amount of product as the original contained. Not only that, but the highlight and contour sticks will be sold separately for $18 each, so there’s no requirement to buy them in a set.

Image Source: KKW Beauty

Ready to get your hands on the highlight and contour sticks? You can purchase them exclusively on the KKW Beauty website in a variety of shades to complement your skin tone! The products drop on Friday, February 16 at 12 pm PST. 


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