Mairi Sutherland Actress and Producer

One of the leading actors and producers in Scotland, Mairi Sutherland has a wide range of stories to tell about her career and is now leading the charge against sexual harassment in the film industry.

Mairi Sutherland
Mairi Sutherland Actress, producer

Winner of the Golden Rose, she has been part of one of the most prolific production houses that Scotland has ever produced in the independent scene for decades.  With a slate of 21 features and a series of pending projects in the pipeline.

Working with her long-term team at Palm tree Universal, there is a drive to develop a mix of documentary and feature films that are both entertaining and intellectual driven.

Mairi herself is a deep thinker, working on a series of documentaries around concepts that fascinate her.  Including the story of Chopin and her First World War Grandfather John Smith who lived through Passchendaele, which will tie in with a documentary on the commemorative piece on WW1 that will be done throughout 2018.  The scale and scope of her productions are fascinating, with a multi-faceted depth of work that is set to take more awards in the near future.

Mairi Sutherland producer and actress
Documenting truth

In the past, Palm Tree Universal has created and is still selling, a range of features that are now available on Amazon. Often Scottish in theme, the films are entertaining and have been well received and award winning making them one of the most prolific and respected film production houses in Scotland outside of the top two in the UK.

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