5 Beauty Brands that Give Money to Charity

There are many reasons to shop for your latest lip gloss or eye palate. It is at the center of all our beauty desires. Who knew that sometimes even desiring the latest and greatest makeup can lead to spending money for a good cause. Many beauty brands have used their names and products to make good. Women everywhere can shop with ease. life is easy nowadays. Even knowing that many beauty brands have donated the money they receive through the purchase of their products. Here are five of these beauty brands and why they are all considered life changes and strong humanitarians.
  1. The Body Shop The body shop has always been known for being a green company. They are doing good. They are raising the issues of Human trafficking and animal rights. Proceeds from this Change Hand Cream ($20) will go toward the cause.


2.Lush- It is no secret that the company, Lush is charitable. Now they opt out as being the trailblazers in making a greener planet. The Charity Pot, $7.95


It is all about being healthy and thriving in a cleaner world.  Proceeds from each charity pot go to fund small, grassroots organizations working in the areas of environmental conservation, animal welfare, and human rights.

  1. Marlowe- Sold mostly at Target. Marlowe has become consistent in providing great cosmetics and now finding out of their helping hand for a good cause Marlowe Body Butter, $8.99


donates 10 cents of every purchase of a Marlowe product to Clean the World, a non-profit that recycles soaps for countries in need.

  1. Burt’s Bees- You can relive buying lip stains. Most of us know Burt Bees. we are all impressed with how much Burt’s Bees gives back to the environment. From packaging to using all-natural ingredients, Burt’s donates their dollars to programs and initiatives that are protecting the environment.



Yes To

5.  This beauty company is making products from tomatoes to carrots and their products are healing and beautifying. They are followers of human action. With the Yes To Seed Fund. it gives back to women and children across the globe. You can easily speak about their products with a smile and make the world a better place.



There are many ways of protecting the environment and helping charitable organizations. You can do good by buying these products. Beauty brands have made it easy to be charitable. In a way of changing the world little by little. Charity Is something we can all live with and love. With a lot of beauty brands looking to be helpful and super citizens, there is no doubt that many will meet them in the middle and start something. Beauty brands are calling for change.  In a good way not in a sarcastic or vain manner, they are sending out the message. They are sending the message that we need to change the world. We can imagine that beauty brands can make it happen. It will be a good thing. Changing Faces. Changing the world in a blink of an eye.





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